BLACKPINK becomes the first female group to feature in TIME magazine Creating History

BLACKPINK creates history!

Your Favorite girl group is ‘Entertainer of the year’ for 2022. It is the first time in the history that a female group of bands has been in TIME Magazine. All the hardwork of the K-pop band BLACKPINK paid off as they created history. The band has been stealing the headlines since years now for their record-breaking hit songs.

BLACKPINK is the first to gain this amount of recognition and no other has ever received such popularity and love from the public.


Not only that, but the girls are giving a tough competition with the boy group that is of course BTS. They grab second position after BTS. The magazine publishes all the cutest pictures of the girl group and the fun they have while they are together. The magazine will also be publishing some views and opinions of the band members Jennie Kim, Lalisa Manobal, Jisoo and Rose. All about their personal thoughts and lifestyle will be discussed in the magazine.

A little insight from the TIME magazine

According to the magazine, it has been stated that “BLACKPINK is this generation’s icon that leads the trend and is the largest female band in the world”. While featuring everything about BLACKPINK, the magazine also appreciates the performances of the band which led to the attention in worldwide. The broke several records with their second full-length album.

BLACKPINK also commented about their achievements, “We’re the happiest when we do music. Good results followed because we’re always happily enjoying every moment.”

They are all happy about it and are really thankful to their fans which are often called BLINK. They said that the power of the fans who always love and support them constantly is the biggest reason [behind their achievements] and they will be putting their best of efforts in every moment with gratitude in their hearts.