Billie Eilish is still Justin Bieber’s numero uno fan!

In Carpool Karaoke, Billie Eilish proves how big of a fan she is of Justin Bieber

Billie Eilish joined the English actor James Corden in his show, The Late Late Show on Thursday for a Carpool Karaoke, and it’s everything that we ever wanted.

Carpool Karaoke Hall-of-fame was filled with dance breaks, nostalgia, and loads of surprises for fans and guests. In the 17 minutes long segment, the bad guy singer went around singing many of her songs with the host, James Corden.

After a vibrant performance of her Grammy- award-nominated song, Bad Guy, Corden chatted at length with Eilish and quizzed her about her experience of meeting her all-time-favourite singer, Justin Bieber at Coachella. My Boy singer, who is a long-time Belieber said that she actually was hoping not to see him.

Billie Eilish is still Justin Bieber’s numero uno fan!
Picture: Instgram | @billieeilish

She told that whole Coachella weekend she was like that she shouldn’t be surprised with Justin Bieber as she couldn’t take it. She kept repeating the same words to herself throughout till of course, she finally met Justin Bieber. She went to see Ariana Grande and she was just standing there when she saw him… standing. She recognized him from his body language as being his such a big fan, she knows how he stands, where he wears his pants. She continued that she looked over in his direction and there he was, standing perfectly still. He didn’t come near her; he was rather standing 5 feet apart.

To her delight, a fellow concertgoer recorded this lovely moment, her meeting with him, which will be there with her to remind her of this moment and relive it always.

When Eilish was done narrating her experience, she went onto to perfectly rap the Ludacris’ verse in Justin’s song, Baby, making it clear that she is still the no. 1 fan of the As Long as You Love Me, singer.

The Grammy-award-nominated singer took Corden to her house and showed her stunning apartment to the host and fans.