Ben Stiller and Christine Taylor Reunited After Separating in 2017

Ben Stiller Resumed His Relationship With Christine Taylor

When Ben Stiller separated from Christine Taylor back in 2017 after their successful 18 years of relationship nobody has guessed the couple would be back together after four years.

But Stiller confirmed in the latest interview that his wife and he started living together once again and tried to give their marriage another try to survive.

The couple moved back together after being with each other during the pandemic. Stiller, 56, said the couple is happy to be back together. His wife Tyler said that it is good for all of us and the most unexpected thing that happened in a pandemic.

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Ben Stiller/Instagram

Stiller shares two children with Tyler, 19 years old daughter Ella and 16-year old son, Quinlin.

The 56-year-old actor said that ever since he went back to being in love with his wife and kids, he felt the same spark between them. Though, after this much time, the love surely evolved. Stiller moved in with Tyler and their two children amid the pandemic, and the family has been together ever since.

The actor also narrated the story of the old days narrating how the times evolved. In his early years, he did not like horse riding. If he ever gets a chance, he will drop the idea of riding a horse. But now he likes horses and finds them beautiful. He now loves to ride a horse and watch his kids.

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Likewise, he has respect for the similarities and differences between people, which he has learned all these years. You start respecting someone because now you don’t want them to change.

The Couple’s Marriage 

Ben Stiller married Christine Taylor in 2000 after they met in 1999 on the set of Heat Vision and Jack. And after 18 years of the bond, they mutually decided to get separated though they maintain their friendship to raise their children.

The 56-year-old actor was last seen in 2016 released the film Zoolander 2.