Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Son, Joseph Baena Doesn’t Use his Last Name – Know the Reason

Joseph Baena reveals the reason behind not using dad Arnold Schwarzenegger’s last name

The youth of today are trying to stand on their own feet. And if we feel the star kids want to have it easy, maybe it’s time to re-evaluate our opinion. Arnold Schwarzenegger‘s son Joseph Baena has decided not to use his father’s last name even though both father-son duo share a great bond.

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Joseph Baena
Arnold Schwarzenegger Official Instagram

The rising actor is going ahead with his birth name and we will never see the title Schwarzenegger in any of his future projects.

But what is the reason behind that? Baena addressed the situation recently and here is what you need to know about it.

My career path is really just my own“, said Baena.

When Baena was asked regarding why he didn’t want to take up the Terminator star’s last name, he clarified that he already had a last name and he doesn’t have any problem with it.

However, this comment was not an insult to his father, with whom he shares a very close relationship. A housekeeper of the Schwarzenegger family, Mildred Baena got pregnant, Joseph’s mother, when Arnold and his wife Maria Shriver were expecting their fourth child.

Joseph Baena
Joseph Baena Official Instagram

This major news came out in public in 2011 when people started noticing Joseph’s resemblance to the Commando actor. This resulted in the divorce between the husband and wife.

Baena is quite close to both of his parents and he very much respects his last name.

Joseph wants to make his mother proud

Baena added that his mother has always been his primary supporter and considering how hard she works, he wants to make her proud.

Joseph further added that even his father started from nothing and both his parents have been a huge inspiration to him.

A fitness enthusiast himself, Baena also works as a realtor and sells properties as a side business. However, he is trying to step into the field of acting since recent years.