Arnold Schwarzenegger was caught in a massive 4 vehicle crash!

The Terminator Star met with an accident

The famous Arnold Schwarzenegger whom we knew as ‘Terminator’, ‘Predator’ series, and also as a former politician who served as 38th Governor of California. It is very saddening news that he was involved in a 4 vehicle crash.

Arnold's Car crash
Photo Courtesy: TMZ

The incident that happened in LA, occurred on Friday afternoon. Unfortunately, a lady got injured the Los Angeles police revealed. The spokesperson of Arnold said that he was not injured by the accident.

The accident picture is a large SUV at the top of at least two vehicles. This happened at West Sunset Boulevard and Allenford Avenue around 4:35 pm PT. The woman was taken to hospital due to injury on her head said LAPD.

Schwarzenegger’s spokesperson confirmed that he was in the SUV.No involvement of drugs or alcohol happened in the accident, so no arrest has been made.

Arnold Schwarzenegger 74, was a famous bodybuilder who won the Mr.Universe title at the age of 20 as well as Mr.Olympia seven times. He also wrote many books on this topic. He was nicknamed ‘Australian Oak’ in his bodybuilding days. He was famous for his movie series ‘The Terminator’ and also ‘Commando’ film.

His Political career was also successful. He served as 38th governor of California. Even though he left the government, he expressed his concern about political situations and comments on them.

Arnold's Instagram
Arnold’s official Instagram

His autobiography Total Recall’ was released in October 2012. A chapter in his book ‘The Secret’ was about his extramarital affair. His book was about mainly 3 things: Bodybuilding, Acting, Political career.

Arnold's Autobiography
Photo Courtesy:L’autobiographie de Terminator (DR)

Accidents are not new to Arnold he was caught in a motorbike accident in 2001 which resulted in six broken ribs. In 2006, he got into a collision with his motorcycle with a vehicle causing 15 stitches on the lip. And the list goes on until this incident now. The good and bad news is Arnold was safe and a lady was injured. Hopefully, she recovers from this in high spirits.