A police officer was shot at point-blank range and killed at a parking lot behind the police station in Fayetteville, Arkansas.

The alleged shooting, which took place as a Christmas event unfolded nearby in Fayetteville square, spread widespread panic amongst the residents.

“It appears the suspect came into the back parking lot and just executed my officer.” Police Chief Mike Reynolds said.

The incident occurred at almost 9:41 pm outside the police station. The police then responded immediately after they heard gunshots being fired and sprang to action. They found an officer lying in the back parking lot and saw the suspect fleeing the crime scene.  The police then gave a short chase for the suspect and eventually gunned him down after he refused to surrender.

Emergency medical personnel attended to both the suspect and the officer, but they succumbed to their injuries. The identity of the officer and the suspect has not yet been released. Several law agencies have begun their investigations behind this shooting.

According to local news reports, except the two deceased, no one else was injured in the incident.

Police spokesman Sgt. Anthony Murphy said, “We think about stuff like this and we know it could happen here, but you hope it never does”

“It happened here, now we have to pick up the pieces”, he said.

Residents of the area started tweeting about the incident.

One person tweeted, “Thank you Fayetteville police. I’m blessed my son and I are safe. Scariest thing I’ve done as a parent.”

“Y’all I don’t have a ton of details but it sounds like you should stay away from the Fayetteville square right now. Reports of an incident coming in. Not sure what it is yet. Stay safe,” wrote another man.