Ariana Granda shots an arrow at a girl’s hand in her new video

Yes, that’s right. After strangling a girl, Ariana Grande shots an arrow at a girl… in her new music video, ‘Boyfriend.’

The 26-year-old pop star, Ariana Grande, released a new music video for her single, ‘Boyfriend’ on this Thursday. The video features her along with Social House duo, Michael ‘Mikey’ Foster and Charles ‘Scootie’ Anderson. The video outlines the wild and violent fantasies of love with Grande and Foster playing jealous lovers, who are yet to decide on their relationship but don’t want the other half to be hanging out with anybody else.

The Music Video BOYFRIEND

Ariana Granda shots an arrow at a girl’s hand in her new video 1
Adriana Grande | Social House | Michael Mikey Foster | Charles Scootie Anderson | Boyfriend | Music Video

The music video directed by Hannah Lux and produced by Brandon Bonfiglio, shows the two lovers are at a lavish party where they constantly make each other jealous by getting cozy with the other people. Having failed at her attempt to make Foster jealous, Grande takes down the girl with whom he was flirting and dramatically strangles her while Foster watches, though it turns out to be all in Grande’s head.

“You ain’t my boyfriend (boyfriend)…” Grande sings in the Chorus.

Though if you think it was all, it entirely wasn’t. The next scene that follows takes the things several notches up where seeing Foster flirting with yet another girl; Grande aims an arrow right through her hand. Quite violent, isn’t it? But it turns out to be another ferocious fantasy of her.

And it’s not only Grande who gets savage, but Foster also wasn’t much behind in his day-dream when he pulls out the heart of a man with whom Grande was flirting.

“If you were my boyfriend/ You were my girlfriend…” the lyrics continued.

Even though it was Foster’s savage dream, but by the end of it, Grande stops flirting with the man and shoots heart-shaped lasers at the Foster.

The third wheel in the video, Anderson, who was getting amused at their antics finds them making out in a destroyed bathroom.

With 7M+ views on the video, it is already a big hit. Watch the whole video here.