Are you frustrated with slow download? Well, you are not alone. Research says, Youngsters are loosing temper over slow downloads.

Slow downloads make teenagers lose their temper in less than a minute.

They say slow downloads are increasing their animosity over online connections, and it is the most baffling aspect of life.

Analysis constructed the circumstance is five times larger than in older phone users. An inspection of more than 2,000 smartphone users of all ages, managed by Chinese phone constructor OnePlus, endowed that people aged 16 to 34 are five times more expected to deplete their temper because of slow download speeds in comparison to older phone users.

Defendants were also inquired to name the aspects of their life that they catch to be most frustrating. The most prevailing feedback from the ones aged 16 to 24 had no Wi-Fi access in their area. This was pursued by a shipment not arriving on time.

Although the survey claims that our digital tech-heavy lives are catching a mental cost, with two-fifths of millennials describing syndromes of clinical depression, such as anxiety and insomnia, due to the extent of time consumed on smartphones, it is something that people want to take action, the analysis found, with practically limited of those aged 16 to 24 saying that they wish to curtail their screen time.

For the moment, 32 percent of all appellants said they are concerned about how much we are committed on technology today. A third of all UK smartphone consumers said they are promptly weeping over getting worked up by technology matters. The effect of technology on mental health, especially in young people, has developed into a bigger articulating point, not beyond the corporation amidst expanded inspection from the government over the measure of time people played out in front of screens.

Suggestions put in advance by the government earlier this year saying a larger burden of care should be arranged on technology companies to assure their users from damage.