Anna Sorokin received a massive amount for Inventing Anna from Netflix

Netflix pays a large sum to Anna Sorokin for their latest series

Anna Sorokin, the pretend German heiress recently received a massive amount of money from Netflix. The renowned fraudster was paid around $320,000 by the world famous streaming service to adapt her life story into a series “Inventing Anna”.

Anna Sorokin
Richard Drew / AP / TASS

Out of the $320,000, Sorokin paid around $24,000 in state fines, $199,000 in restitution and  $75,000 to the attorney. The court allowed her to keep the small amount she was left with.

Anna Sorokin- the biggest con woman in history?

Sorokin who was a renowned name among the New Yorkers. She claimed to be a German heiress possessing a trust fund worth 60 million. When a New York magazine root about her plan to come up with a mixed use space by borrowing money from the banks, Anna made headlines.

Anna Sorokin

Sorokin was convicted of multiple charges including 2nd degree larceny, theft of services and more. Her scheme was not succesful after she was found guilty in 2019.

Inventing Anna- all you need to know

With Julia Garner in the title role, Inventing Anna is a 9-episode limited series. It is based on the life of renowned con woman Anna Sorokin. The series is also inspired from Jessica Pressler’s article “How an Aspiring ‘It’ girlTricked New York’s Party People — and its banks”. Pressler is also the producer of the show.

Written by Shonda Rhimes, the series is all about a journalist investigating the life of Anna Sorokin aka Anna Delvey- a legendary icon who stole the hearts of New York elites and their money too. The journey depicts Anna in trial and our journalist trying to figure out the question residing in the depths of our minds- Who is Anna Delvey?

Inventing Anna is currently streaming on Netflix.