Anitta , Brazilian Pop Star Stole The Show At Coachella With Snoop Dogg

Brazilian Singer Anitta Rocks The Stage At Coachella 2022

Anitta, the Brazilian singer already has her fan following all over the world. However, it was while the Coachella 2022, this year that her performance just grabbed everyone’s attention. With lots of music icons rocking the stage. Brazilian pop star’s appearance went hard to miss. Well, if you haven’t checked out the event yet.

Here’s what Anitta did at the event this year.

Anitta dazzled on stage with Snoop Dogg at Coachella 2022

Twitter/ Coachella

While Anitta has already wooed the Latin America. She holds a massive fan following worldwide. However, what was the most special event of her life so far was Coachella event. It was on the first weekend of Coachella that the Brazilian icon just stole the show.

While she showed some amazing dance moves with her dancers. It was an iconic moment when she was joined by Snoop Dogg. The duo performing at the Coachella certainly left all the fans thrilled enjoying the event. Her moves literally left everyone dancing with her. Meanwhile, she was performing with about 20 dancers with her on stage.

Brazilian pop star grooved to her songs

Brazilian singer
Twitter/ Coachella

As Brazilian singer after the Coachella event became the first Brazilian star to give a performance on main stage of Coachella. She performed on a lot of songs. One of which was “Onda Diferente”. The Friday event was certainly set ablaze with her performance.

While performing on the main stage where even Snoop Dogg joined. She changed three outfits during her performance. Meanwhile, her performance had her perform on “Version Of Me” and “Faking Love”. Coachella was surely an excitement filled event that’s just began.

Not to miss, social media after her performance was abuzz with her performance. As fans shared the clips of her performance on social media especially twitter. Also, other artists too rocked the stage with their performance at Coachella as their performance swirled on internet too.