Angry Teenager Punched And Brutally Stabbed His Girlfriend after tattooing his name on her face!! Brutal attach left everyone in shock!!

This incident will surely send the chills down your body. A teenager recently brutally battered his girlfriend and then used a knife to carve his name on her forehead. This crime has surely shocked even the police authorities and it indeed terrifying.

The violent Teenager Has Stabbed His Girlfriend,  Almost Left Her Dead!

The culprit Jakub Hildreth, 19, was arrested and charged with serious aggravated assault with a deadly weapon for the alleged attack on his girlfriend, 22-year-old Catalina Mireles. The incident took place on December 5 in San Antonia, Texas. The culprit is still quite shook from the incident and is recovering.

Mireless told the police that she was terrified and was sure that Jackub was going to kill her. He even held her by the neck and punched her violently in the face nearly ten times during a fight about their relationship. The victim also said that he was going to put her in a closet until he figured out what he is gonna do with her.

The brutal attack has left Mireless with a broken jaw, several facial bruises, and deep scarring on her forehead that reads Jack! This kind of violent outrage that also from such a young teenager has seriously shocked people.