American Pickers: Robbie Wolfe: Who Is He? Fans reject Mike Wolfe’s brother

Following the firing of presenter Frank Fritz and the hiring of Mike Wolfe’s brother Robbie, fans have decided to boycott season 23 of American Pickers.

After the season premiere last week, the show’s ratings significantly declined, yet production is still going on without the star who was fired.

In Frank’s absence, 5 viewers have opted not to watch American Pickers. Coleman-Rayner is to blame.

The star that was fired has been replaced by Mike’s brother Robbie. Source: Instagram

Since Frank was fired last year, viewers have decided not to fund the upcoming episodes of American Pickers.

A preview of Saturday’s new episode, in which Mike discovers an antique banjo in West Virginia, was released by the producers earlier this week.

The reality star searches for an old, super tunnel banjo on the property of brothers Brad and Bruce’s former family business in Cottageville, West Virginia, on this Saturday’s new episode, according to a tweet from the official American Pickers Twitter account.

Fans aired their complaints about the upcoming show sans Frank, thus many were not thrilled about the teaser.

One said, “No longer follow or watch now that Frank was skidding.”

A second concurred, saying, “I won’t watch show anymore. You people did Frank s***y.”

“Where is Frank!” cried a third. another person said: “How is Frank doing? show.”

One exclaimed, “Frank or quit!” Another final commented, “Frank is a tremendous miss.”


After the January 1st season 23 premiere of American Pickers, the show’s ratings have drastically decreased.

The network replaced longtime host Frank, who was fired from the program in July, with star Mike’s brother Robbie.

The Sun previously claimed that although the numbers were still higher than 1 million viewers, they were lower than in seasons past.

Less people tuned in for the Season 23 debut (1,050,000 viewers) than for the Season 22 premiere (1,273,000 viewers) on January 25, 2021.

Frank, a fan favorite, frequently appeared in episodes with higher ratings; for example, his farewell episode, which aired on March 2, 2020, drew 1,282,000 viewers.


The History Channel replaced the TV personality with Mike’s brother Robbie in cast images and on the website, which led to the new ratings.

Since he needed time to heal from back surgery, Frank, 57, hasn’t appeared on American Pickers since the spring.

Despite the original cast member’s expressed wish to return to the History show, his dismissal was officially revealed in July.

He had two rods in his spine and 185 sutures after his arduous back surgery.


Frank shed 65 pounds while he was away from American Pickers because he is now living a healthy lifestyle and has given up alcohol.

The Iowa native also disclosed to The Sun that he spent 77 days in rehab for alcohol abuse.

“I went to rehab and I’ve been sober now for 11 months,” Frank stated last year.

“I no longer enjoyed drinking. My mother was an alcoholic, and alcoholism was a factor in her death five years ago. My grandfather passed away because of his alcoholism. I didn’t agree with that at all.

The History Channel personality added that he attends sessions “after the stint, “twice a week.”


Frank also discussed his conflict with Mike, a stalwart of the program.

They had a falling out, as he previously admitted to The Sun: “I haven’t spoken to Mike in two years. He was aware that my back was hurting, yet he didn’t call to see how I was doing. That is the way things are.”

Frank currently lives in Iowa and runs his Illinois store, Frank Fritz Finds.

Frank battled an alcoholism problem. Thanks to History Channel

5 In July, he was fired from the program. Credit: History/Zachary Maxwell Stertz

5 Mike convinced his brother to take over by recruiting him History