Alex Lifeson says there’s “no way Rush will ever exist again” without Neil Peart!

Talking on SiriusXM’s ‘Trunk Nation with Eddie Trunk’ recently, the guitarist said: “I realize Rush fans are an exceptional bundle, and I love them. It was a great two-way relationship. In any case, I think, truly, Rush finished in 2015. It’s basically impossible that Rush will at any point exist again in light of the fact that Neil’s not here to be a piece of it.

There is no ‘Rush’ without Neil Peart

“Also, saying this doesn’t imply that we can’t do different things and we can’t do things that advantage our communities whatnot. I have bunches of plans for something like that that don’t really incorporate Geddy.” Lifeson reasserted that Rush would not perform without drummer Neil Peart, who passed on in January 2020 at 67 years old after a fight with brain cancer. “Who knows?” Lifeson added. “All I know is we actually love one another we’re still incredibly, old buddies, and we generally will be.” The artist clarified that the band were “all beginning to feel the weakness” on their last tour notwithstanding, and that it was explicitly getting hard for Peart to keep up with the energy levels he typically told.

Alex Lifeson

“Except if he could play 100% at that level, he truly didn’t wanna do additional shows, and he didn’t wanna be that individual that ought to have taken it,” Lifeson said. “What’s more, it was hard for him – a three-hour show playing the manner in which he played. It’s a wonder that he was even ready to play.” Meanwhile, Primus are wanting to at last start off their Rush recognition tour one month from now, which will include an exhibition of the band’s 1977 collection ‘A Farewell To Kings’ in full.

The California funk metal band has effectively needed to reschedule the tour on numerous occasions. They were initially expected to take off in 2019 yet pushed it back to help Slayer on the last leg of their farewell tour. They then, at that point wanted to hit the stage in May of this current year yet had to defer because of the primary influx of the Covid.

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