A Ray of Hope for People as the Cure for Coronavirus Could Have Been Found

By 3 months ago

Coronavirus is said to be form the large family of viruses that cause severe illness. They are transmitted between animals and humans. Common signs of a person being infected with the virus include symptoms like fever, cough and difficulty in breathing that might get worsen with the next stage.


It has been labelled as the global pandemic with the number of infected cases increasing every minute. WHO has asked the public and the respective governments to take precautionary measures to stop further spread of the virus.

With only the depressing news making the rounds from the past few weeks, the American researchers and doctors have assumed that there exists a cure for the deadly virus with two drugs that already exist. The assumptions were made after the treatments of the infected people were studied by the scientists at the University of Queenstown.

It is believed that the drugs that were previously used to cure people suffering from Malaria and HIV can be the breakthrough medications to tackle the worsened situation caused by the Coronavirus outbreak globally.

The drugs that proved helpful in curing are Chloroquine lopinavir/ritonavir which is the anti-malarial drug and HIV suppressing drug respectively.

Various scientists and researchers all around the globe have been working to find a perfect cure for the highly spreading virus. The news about the curing drugs has given some kind of hope to the people to fight with the pandemic globally.


The viruses have highly attacked the elderly people and the people underlying some disease. The virus originated from Wuhan, China. But the good news now is that the cases are gradually decreasing in China, but the worst part is it has already spread all across the world, and the matter of the fact is that Italy is the worst affected country of all the affected ones.