“A Political Hit Job”: Rogan On His Recent Controversies and Usage of Racial Slurs

Joe Rogan Calls the Controversies a “political hit job”

Comedian and podcast host, Joe Rogan is currently in the middle of a controversy surrounding his Spotify podcast. Rogan came under fire over a week ago for “spreading misinformation” on his podcast about the Covid-19 vaccine.

Since then this whole controversy has not cooled down because later that week a compilation of him saying some racial slurs surfaced. He called this recent turn of events a “political hit job”.

"A Political Hit Job": Rogan On His Recent Controversy, Usage of Racial Slurs
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The Whole Picture

Following the outrage, about 70 episodes of Rogan’s Podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience, were pulled down from Spotify last week. He has been accused of spreading misinformation. In December, Rogan invited virologist Dr Robert Malone on his podcast. Malone made some ill-informed comments about the vaccine.

As a result of which the 54-year-old comedian was criticized for misinformation. People also started to criticise Spotify for allowing this to happen. Neil Young even threatened to pull his music off Spotify due to this.

"A Political Hit Job": Rogan On His Recent Controversy, Usage of Racial Slurs
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Rogan Apologizes and the Latest Episode

Rogan and the Spotify CEO issued apologies after the incident. Later that a video compilation of Rogan surfaced wherein he says the N-word multiple times. He also makes other racially insensitive comments in that compilation. Singer-songwriter was the one to share that compilation video on her Instagram. He apologised for the same as well soon after.

On Tuesday, in an episode of his podcast with comedian Akaash Singh, he elaborated on this situation. Rogan said that the video existed on the Internet for some while and it seems like a “political hit job”. On the bright side, he got to address things that he wishes were not on the internet, he added. Rogan is no doubt a controversial figure and has been in situations like such before. However, never a controversy this huge.