A female Ginyu Force member makes its way towards Dragon Ball Z franchise…

‘Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot’ will see the inclusion of a female Ginyu Force Member.

The renowned Dragon Ball Z franchise is coming up with its next Dragon Ball game titled Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot. The game that will release in early 2020 for Xbox 1, PlayStation 4 and PC, is said to be breaking away from the regular fighting game format to action role-playing. The games that have been based upon the prominent Japanese animation series by the same name will continue to provide the episodes in a gaming format for all the gaming geeks.

This latest volume will feature a female Ginyu force member, Bonyu. There isn’t much information available about this new character, but supposedly, she is a former Ginyu force member from the same planet at Jeice. She is assuming to have a busty appearance, and she left the force due to her disagreement with its methods and ways.

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The entertainment company, Bandai Namco, divulged that the latest issue along with this new character; will also feature the cell saga and the filler episodes from the animated series. One of the confirmed filler episodes is where Goku and Piccolo go to a driving school; it has been designed as a driving game in the new issue.

The game will feature stories from the original canon of the series, but there is no proper clarity about the involvement of the original creator Akira Toriyama with these additions. So, there is a lot of wonderment and suspense surrounding the creation of Bonyu, and what kind of character it will be.

Now, only time will tell how much appreciation Bonyu shall garner and will it find its place in the saga.