A 4-year-old Iowa girl turns blind after contracting flu

Jade DeLucia, a 4-year-old girl from Iowa was on the verge of dying. She caught flu and as a result of it is now blind.

After the deadly incident, her parents gave a message for everyone that ‘get your child vaccinated.’

It was two weeks before Christmas that the child caught the flu. She did not receive a flu vaccination this season. Jade was admitted to the University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital. In intensive care at the hospital, she fought hard to save her life.

Amanda Philips said that if she can stop one child from getting sick, she wants to do that. She also added that it is a terrible thing to witness your child suffer so much.

Jade’s physicians, Dr. Theresa Czech said that she was lucky enough to be alive. Her parents had to miss their work to take care of their daughter. They are facing a huge amount of medical bills so they have started a GoFundMe page.

This is the story of every year. Thousands of children die because of the flu. And, most of them are the ones who have not received a flu shot. Many of them who died were all healthy before getting caught by the flu. This year, Jade is one of the survivors of this flu.
Jade is suffering from fever over several days. Medicines have helped to bring down the fever. She is now able to play with her older sister, Catalina. She was seen running around and having fun like before.
Philips remembers the time around 19th December to 23rd December. There was so sign of flu or anything that could have hinted her about the flu. Her daughter showed no symptoms or told her about anything serious happening inside her body.
The girl went through surgeries and finally went home on 9th Jan 2020. She gained her life but unfortunately lost her eye-sight.