55 Year Old Disabled Man Brutally Stabbed to Death Over Few Bugs!!

Maurice Roberts was found dead in his flat in Hitchin Road on April 24th this year. He was brutally stabbed multiple times. Meuric had several disabilities and was living alone. On 24th, a relative of Roberts visited his flat as she got worried when she couldn’t get through to him.
On arrival, she found his front door open and Meuric lying dead on the floor by the side of the sofa with a duvet and pillows covering his dead body. The injuries were visible on him, and she immediately called the emergency services.
Postmortem reports revealed that Meuric was stabbed multiple times on his neck and chest.

A heinous crime committed over money??

A close friend of Meuric stated that Simon Lewis,39, borrowed £400 from Roberts. Simon again went back to ask for more, threatening to blackmail him using false allegations if he didn’t agree.
The allegations were proven when CCTV footage clearly showed Simon around the house two days before the body got discovered. The very next day, Simon Lewis was nabbed and charged with murder.
After a two-week trial, the jury reached a unanimous guilty verdict as it was a murder motivated for financial gain.
Simon Lewis has been jailed for life and must serve a minimum of 31 and a half years as a verdict given by Luton Crown Court.
Detective Inspector Philip Moss from the Beds, Cambs and Herts major crime unit, said: “This was an alarming act of violence which resulted in an innocent man losing his life. Simon deserved rightful punishment as he took advantage of a vulnerable man who helped him.”

“I am pleased with today’s verdict and glad that Lewis has received a suitable punishment for all the pain he has inflicted on Meuric’s family.”