50 Cent Attacks Benzino & Young Buck Again with Homophobic Remarks

50 Cent’s Comments Taking Internet By Storm

50 Cent, the American rapper has always been in limelight. Especially these days his comments on Young Buck and Benzino is getting all the attention. While 50 Cent has been publicly giving some shocking comments. He has even given out some clips that reveals about the se*uality of one of the rapper. But what did he comment?

Read ahead to know more about the spat between 50 Cent, Benzino and Young Buck.

50 Cent and Young Buck’s spat

Young Buck
Instagram/ Young Buck

Well, the American rapper 50 Cent has actually given out some reason to Young Buck lately to be stuck in a spat. While Buck alleged Cent for pushing the former into Bankruptcy. The spat has just began between the duo.

Owing to the put allegations by Buck on Cent. The latter has yet again taken the internet by storm posting some homophobic comments on Buck. Not to miss, even the rapper Benzino is on the radar of 50 Cent this time.

Cent’s spat with the rapper Benzino

50 Cent

Well, what Cent has created with the rapper Benzino is a spat. The former has given out some clips in which the rapper Benzino has been linked up with Shauna Brooks. Shauna Brooks happens to be an actress and most popularly a trans model. The clip shared on social media has a conversation between Brooks and Benzino.

While Cent has highlighted the se*uality of the rapper through the clip. The sound in the clip claimed to be of Benzino still remains to be proven. However, Shauna did accepted that she was in relationship with Benzino. Meanwhile, amid this homophobic comments, both Young Buck and Benzino have been targeted by Cent.

Not to miss, Young Buck and Benzino are both showing their spat with each other publicly. While netizens are trying to known when this would finally end.