2 year old toddler killed by Subway Train in Lower Manhattan after getting separated from mother for just a moment! Parents in grief!!

2-year-old toddler on Wednesday evening died unfortunately by falling on the tracks. The was stuck in the railway track and was killed by an oncoming train.

This incident took place in Lower Manhattan and was reported at the Fulton Street subway station around 5:30 p.m on Dec 11.

The boy was immediately taken to the hospital, but unfortunately, he did not survive.

According to the police investigation, the mother of the toddler told that she had been holding bags, and her son reached downstairs before her. And he made towards the platform and mistakenly felt on the railway track.

A northbound train on the 2/3 line struck and killed the little boy, police said.

NYC Transit President Andy Byford said, ” Our hearts break for the family, and the MTA is praying for them. Our thoughts are with the crew of the train as well”. This is the statement given by the president of NYC.