12 Minutes: The Countdown begins for the adventurous ‘Time Loop’ Video game.

Upcoming video game, 12 minutes, is an adventurous game based on a time loop created by Luis Antonio. The publication right is taken by Annapurna interactive. The video game will be available for Microsoft Windows and Xbox One. It is available in the single-mode player only.

What is ’12 Minutes’ all about?

The game is set around an apartment, where the husband and wife used to live. Jointly, their life publicized when police intervened and accused the husband of murder of his wife. The husband then goes back 12 minutes before to solve the crime mystery.

This video game tells the concept of the time loop, which many movies and shows such as Doctor Strange, Edge of Tomorrow and recently Russian Doll had tried to aim at quite successfully. The player will have full control on the husband in the game to solve the crime within 12 minutes.

The launch date of ’12 Minutes’.

Twelve minutes is scheduled to be released in the year 2020, which implies this year. However, an exact official date has not been declared yet. But, we are expecting that the game will be released in November of 2020. Fans expect to experience the elite video game with a unique concept.

You can watch the trailer of the game here!


Luis Antonio is the creator of ’12 Minutes,’ who earlier created the amazing game ‘The Witness. Prior, the game was scheduled to be released in the year 2016, but due to some problems, it got delayed.

However, the five new members in the production of game and association with Annapurna  Interactive made games set to release in 2020. The trailer of the game was exhibited at the Xbox press conference, which was organized by Microsoft Windows.