YouTube Music’s Redesign Mimics Play Music: Discover the New Features!

YouTube Music’s Redesign Mimics Play Music

The much-anticipated redesign of the YouTube Music app has finally been released, and many users are noting the similarities to the former Google Play Music app. In fact, the new redesign seems to be mimicking Play Music’s interface, which was retired in late 2020. However, instead of feeling like a rip-off of the classic app, the redesign feels like a blend of new and old features.

Changes to the home screen:

The new home screen of YouTube Music looks a lot like the home screen of the former Google Play Music app. Users can see recommended playlists and stations that are tailored to their listening habits at the top of the screen. Underneath that section is a list of recently played songs, playlists, and albums. There is also a new feature called “My Supermix,” which blends a user’s most-played songs with new recommendations. This feature is similar to the “I’m Feeling Lucky” radio feature from Play Music.

Improved search functionality:

The search functionality of YouTube Music has gotten a major upgrade. Users can now search for songs, artists, albums, and even individual lyrics. The app also displays search results much more quickly than before.

Personalized library:

Like Play Music, the redesigned YouTube Music app allows users to upload their own music to their personal library. Users can also create playlists and access their recently played songs, albums, and playlists.

New and old features:

The new design of YouTube Music incorporates some of the best features of Play Music with some new features that make the app more user-friendly. For example, YouTube Music now has a sleep timer, which can be set to stop playing music after a certain amount of time. Users can also easily switch between audio and video with a simple button tap.

Ad-supported and premium versions:

The new YouTube Music app is available in two versions: an ad-supported version and a premium version. The ad-supported version is free but includes ads between songs. The premium version, which costs $9.99 a month, includes ad-free listening, song downloading, and background listening.

The new redesign of YouTube Music is a major step forward for the app and improves upon many of the features that Play Music offered. If you were a fan of Play Music, you’ll love the new YouTube Music redesign. If you’re new to the app, give it a try and see what you think!


Q: Do I need to pay for the premium version of YouTube Music to use the app?

A: No, you can use the free, ad-supported version of the app. However, the premium version includes many extra features.

Q: Is the new YouTube Music redesign available on all devices?

A: Yes, the new redesign should be available on all devices that support the YouTube Music app.

Q: Can I import my music library from other music streaming services?

A: Yes, YouTube Music allows you to import your music library from other music streaming services.

Q: How does My Supermix work?

A: My Supermix combines a user’s most-played songs with new recommendations based on their listening habits.

Q: Will the free version of YouTube Music play ads between every song?

A: No, the free version of the app will only play ads between some songs.