xQc Signs $100M Deal: Twitch Star Takes Huge Step In Gambling Industry

XQc Signs $100M Gambling Deal


xQc Signs $100M Deal: Twitch Star Takes Huge Step In Gambling Industry 7

Canadian Twitch-streamer xQc has signed a deal worth $100 million with the online gambling site, Stake.com. Félix Lengyel, known as xQc online, is popular for his streaming of games on various platforms, including Twitch. The deal includes several elements, including a sponsorship, merchandise deal, and streaming collaboration.

Details of the Deal

xQc Signs $100M Deal: Twitch Star Takes Huge Step In Gambling Industry 8

What does the deal include?

The deal is worth $100 million, including sponsorship, merchandise, and streaming elements. Stake.com will sponsor xQc, while he will also design merchandise and exclusive game modes for the site. He will stream gambling content on his Twitch channel in collaboration with Stake.com, where viewers can also participate.

How long will the deal last?

The length of the deal has not been disclosed yet. It will be in effect while both parties agree to continue the partnership.

What it means for xQc and Stake.com

xQc Signs $100M Deal: Twitch Star Takes Huge Step In Gambling Industry 9

What does the deal signify for xQc?

For xQc, it is a significant deal that would significantly increase his earning potential. He will have access to a more extensive audience through collaboration with Stake.com.

What does the deal signify for Stake.com?

The association with xQc will significantly increase the visibility and reach of Stake.com, particularly in the US market. Stake.com has recently launched its services in the region and is looking to expand its customer base.

Potential risks associated with the deal

Could the partnership have a negative effect on xQc’s reputation?

The online gambling sector has come under scrutiny in recent years for its potential to cause addiction and gambling-related harm. As a role model and popular figure, xQc should be careful with the kind of content he promotes and how it aligns with his followers’ values.

Could the deal impact xQc’s streaming community?

Many Twitch streamers and viewers have raised concerns about the influence of gambling on streaming platforms. The deal may lead to conflict with some streamers, and viewers may perceive it negatively.


The deal between xQc and Stake.com is a significant milestone in both parties’ history and could have a vast impact on the streaming and gambling industry. Its success will depend on the partnerships’ ability to address concerns raised by critics and the industry’s value in promoting safe and responsible gambling.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1.What is the value of the xQc gambling deal?

The deal is worth $100 million.

2.Will xQc promote responsible gambling as part of the deal?

The details of the deal do not specify if xQc has a responsibility to promote safe gambling practices.

3.What could be the potential risks of the xQc and Stake.com partnership?

The partnership could negatively affect xQc’s reputation and community, and the gambling industry has raised concerns about its potential to cause addiction and gambling-related harm.

4.How long will the partnership last?

The partnership’s duration has not been disclosed yet.

5.How is the online gambling industry viewed in the US market?

The online gambling industry continues to grow in the United States, but it remains a subject of controversy due to concerns over addiction and gambling-related harm.