Wolfenstein: Youngblood Review! All you need to know before watching the movie, Spoiler Alert!!

There is nothing new about Wolfenstein: Youngblood being on the Nintendo Switch. It is very much the same game it is on other consoles and computers. The charismatic, dynamic duo of Jess and Soph Blazkowicz, twin daughters of series hero BJ Blazkowicz return. There are the bombastic combat scenarios where you need to tear through Nazi trash. And this time, you get to play it with a friend.

Wolfenstein: Youngblood Review! All you need to know before watching the movie, Spoiler Alert!! 1
Wolfenstein: Youngblood


Though the portable nature of the Nintendo Switch makes this game a tempting try, the platform’s limited hardware plays spoilsport. It is difficult to enjoy the action because of the low frame rates and muddy visuals. While these problems are not restrictive, they do make this new version the weakest yet.


Youngblood is a fraction-sized spin-off. It jumps ahead in Wolfenstein’s timeline: you are taken to the 1980s. This is almost 20 years after the events of Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus. You see Jess and Soph, who are the twin daughters of an older Anya and BJ. They are teaching their kids how to survive, just before BJ goes missing. You have to use the help of Abby, daughter of Grace Walker from The New Colossus.

It is not long after the introductory mission that you see how Youngblood cuts off from the well known traditional Wolfenstein structure. Neu-Paris had a separate hub which acts as group areas where most of the action is set. In the hub areas, you’ll find the relentless, challenging firefights that keep up a satisfying momentum. Youngblood truly shines here. The PC version doesn’t put up the same highs. This is due to the technical limitations of Switches.


Overall, Youngblood has its shares of highs and lows. Switch’s relatively underpowered hardware and its technical shortcomings come on the way of making this game great. Yet, it still delivers intense and challenging combat. Features-wise everything remains intact. The Blazkowicz sisters, Jess and Soph, are true rebels. The game is worth your time, definitely.