Will Elon Musk make any major announcement on the event of Battery Day? Check it out.

Musk has already made teasing mention of batteries that will “blow your mind”, created a buzz with his Roadrunner battery cell production facility, and left competitors scrambling with his silver-bullet Model S. And let’s not forget his public announcements of Tesla’s intention to build an entirely new ecosystem populated by passenger vehicles, second life residential/commercial battery applications, and Robo taxis.


Battery Technology: Tesla’s battery technology has leapfrogged generations in terms of energy density and cost-competitiveness. The company has historically worked with Panasonic but has now strategically expanded its options by partnering with LG Chem and CATL, among others. This move looks set to echo Tesla’s trajectory in the AC propulsion field where it partnered initially with Toyota before branching off to develop its own in-house technologies.



Despite question marks thrown up by the ongoing US-China face-off, I believe that Tesla’s million-mile battery with Chinese battery maker CATL and the research lab at Canada’s Dalhousie University could be the catalyst that helps Tesla develop a battery technology that is it’s very own. This will mean a shift into a wholly new technology space characterized by no/minimal use of cobalt and nickel. Maxwell Technologies, a company that Tesla acquired in May 2019, could play an important role in advancing its battery tech portfolio.



At the battery event, Tesla is expected to reveal a number of advancements in its battery tech that could give it an even greater advantage over other companies pursuing electric vehicles. Musk said that Tesla will offer attendees a tour of the company’s “cell production system,” which is likely a reference to its secretive “Roadrunner” project to bring down the cost of making batteries while increasing volume.


Like past Tesla events, a live stream will be available on Tesla’s website, now also available in the YouTube embed at the top of this post