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We all are a part of the popular messaging app, WhatsApp. And the person who isn’t a part of it finds himself out of the conversation most of the time. WhatsApp plays a very important role in our life, specially in today’s time, when the world is in a kind of home arrest all our conversation about classes, notes, syllabus, presentation everything is going through one medium and that’s WhatsApp. In short, WhatsApp has become the most used social media of all. Even if a person isn’t on Facebook or Instagram or Twitter, he is surely available on this application.


Recently, the app has got some new features which the users aren’t familiar with. Keep reading to know all these new features. The new updated features about which we are talking is called GB Whatsapp MOD APK. You must have heard about it from your friends but if you haven’t, there’s no need to worry, you’ll get to know about it through this article. There are a lot of WhatsApp and Mod available on the internet but the best one is GB Whatsapp MOD APK.

GB Whatsapp MOD APK keeps updating at regular intervals and everytime there’s some new features added to it. Size of this application is 55.1MB and it contains some beautiful hidden features which are mentioned below:


1) Your account will not get banned in the new GB Whatsapp MOD APK.
2) You can also send private replies in a WhatsApp group.
3) GB Whatsapp MOD APK allows you to add beautiful pictures in the background of your WhatsApp chat.
4) The newest and best feature is that you will be able to pay to your friends by selecting the payment option through the GB Whatsapp MOD APK.

There are many new features about which you’ll know when you download it.