Want to play CSGO with your group without paying for it? Find out how and other updates about the game


Counter-Strike: Global attack is now free-to-play with players known as “CS: GO.” However, Valve revealed a new royal game mode combat, called the Danger Zone.

There is now a danger area and when players log in to the “CS: GO” session, their game files are automatically modified to the current “Danger Zone” mode in Steam. A free automatic Prime Status upgrade is also available to teams. A new primary exclusive Danger zone souvenir in the form of an MP5-SD Lab Rats will be given to all Prime status teams.

The Danger Zone is referred to as a “quick battle royal game” that was based on the tactical gameplay of the original “CS: GO” Matches are packed with 18 players each packed with an intelligent tablet. Each battle scenario can be combated, engaged or treated as you feel like. You will determine where exactly you want to reach the map if you go down in the arena, called Blacksite, just as in “Fortnite and PUBG,” providing you with a tactical advantage from the beginning of the match.

Every game includes, as far as the things are concerned, a collection of rifles, handguns, heave guns and SMGs taken from “CS: Go.” Although there are limited resources, they are the key to a victory if you can find on the ground everything you need. Infraction fines, C4, throwing weapons, and many other valuable penalty products can also be used. You can select the Midi shot to recover and jump back into combat when things get sticky. You can also boost your speed temporarily.

The arena is full of fuel, weapons, and other equipment to keep you floating, often dropping special deliveries from the sky. You can complete different tasks on the ground to receive more than your adversaries. For example, to get extra money, you can take a hostage into the rescue zone. Blow it up to make a huge amount of cash if you find a good one. Eliminate high-value targets through contracting.

New players have the option to play or pay their way up to Prime Level. It costs $14.99 to pay in.