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Walt Disney Studios has partnered with Microsoft for fast digital ventures in the Cloud

Walt Disney has signed a five-year deal with Microsoft.
Microsoft and Walt Disney Studios have come together for a ‘scene-to-screen’ cloud deal.

The Walt Disney Studios and Microsoft have teamed up to accelerate their movie making and distribution process to the Cloud. They have partnered for a five-year deal, and the partnership is being headed by Disney’s StudioLab, an internal advanced studio lab for innovations. In a joint announcement made on Friday, the companies detailed the plan of using the tech giant’s Azure cloud platform throughout the scene-to-screen system for advancement.

The deal aims to use the cloud-based solutions to quicken the production and post-production processes, read the press release. In its plan of working with Disney, Microsoft listed out their partnership with the media technology provider, Avid, where the tech company has built tools for collaborative editing, content archiving, active-backup, and production continuity.

Walt Disney Studios chief technology officer, Jamie Voris said that there are tons of benefits of being in the cloud, and Disney chose Microsoft because some of the company’s cloud competitors weren’t as focused on the media space.

He further explains that by moving many of Disney’s production and postproduction workflows to the cloud, the company is optimistic that it can create content more quickly and efficiently around the world. This innovation partnership with Microsoft will allow them to streamline many of their processes so that the talented filmmakers can focus on what they do best.

Walt Disney Studios and Microsoft have already started to implement production workflows on the Azure platform. As per Variety, the audiences may get to see the first movies that have been edited in the cloud on the big screen in 12 to 18 months.