Vampire: The Masquerade– Bloodlines 2: What is new in the game?

The followers of the Masquerade drew the character cast, the tale, and enjoyed many of their missions. Bloodlines remained widely valued, and earned the status of culture, despite the circumstances surrounding its publication. It’s evident now that this wasn’t apparent back then.

In 2019, Paradox Interactive revealed GDC’s Bloodlines 2, a sequel which was going to take 16 years by the time it was published. And before the release of Bloodlines 2, we will collect all the news here to devour for you.

Gameplay demo

This latest presentation is an extended version of E3 2019’s short gameplay. The quarter-hour walk gives you a good idea of how you want to go about opening Seattle and conducting missions. The two developers’ comments are also helpful in knowing what is happening in the plot.

Announcement trailer

We’re heading northwest from the town of lost angels — Seattle. The group of vampires is divided here, and several factions are battling simultaneously for power. At the beginning of Bloodlines 2, a party of vampires kidnapping and forcibly turning people into vampires are your character in the middle of a mass embrace. It is a great no-no-no-no, even to transform one human into a vampire without the permission of a Primogen or Prince government.

The Camarilla was once the party to keep such things in check and punish vampires because the Masquerade was broken. However, it seems like the Camarilla just does not have the power that it once had when things are chaotic in Bloodlines 2. The old members of Camarilla have vanished in the latest Vampire: the 5th Edition of the Masquerade Roll Book. Most have been called off by it called the Beckoning.

With Primogens and Princes now missing several cities all over the world, their dominance is left open to opponent classes. Cities such as Seattle are ready for use, and even a newly turned vampire has the opportunity to establish much power over a city.

Hardsuit Labs estimates that it takes about 25-30 hours for a single playthrough, depending on the play style. Paradox said that throughout their clan Brujah’s stream that you will get your first – anti-Thinblood powers in the game for approximately five hours if you can only play the principal questline without tempo.

Like the first title, a branching plot and several side quests are also going to take place, so developers promote multiple results. And the whole game will happen at night, as Bloodlines does.

Release date

Bloodlines 2 was previously planned for March 2020 and was replaced at a time not specified later in the year. Hardsuit Labs has reported on their blog that the Masquerades — Blow lines two will be moved back from the first quarter of 2020 to protect their consistency and that they will not be able to replicate the mistakes of the original Bloodlines.