Tori Spelling’s Heartwarming Tribute to Miracle Baby Finn on His 11th Birthday Will Move You

Tori Spelling Pens Tribute to Her and Dean McDermott’s “Miracle Baby” Finn on His 11th Birthday

Tori Spelling Pens Tribute to Her and Dean McDermott’s “Miracle Baby” Finn on His 11th Birthday

Tori Spelling, the actress known for her role in Beverly Hills 90210, took to social media to celebrate her son Finn’s 11th birthday. In a heartfelt tribute, Tori expressed her pride and admiration for her “miracle baby.” Finn, one of Tori and Dean McDermott’s five children, holds a special place in their hearts, and Tori’s words beautifully capture their bond.

A Joyous Milestone

Finn is celebrating his 11th birthday, marking an important milestone in his life. As Tori reflects on the journey they’ve shared, she can’t help but feel overwhelmed with pride and love for her son.

A Mother’s Love

Tori describes Finn as a sweet, kind, hilarious, brave, witty, and smart young boy. Her words paint a picture of a child filled with remarkable qualities that make him truly special.

A Miracle Baby

Tori refers to Finn as her “miracle baby,” alluding to his inspiring story of coming into the world against all odds. She shares that Finn wanted to be here so badly, showcasing his determination and destined path to accomplish amazing things.

A Strong Connection

Tori expresses the strong bond she shares with Finn, emphasizing that they both possess incredible strength. This connection has been evident since his birth and continues to shape their lives together.

The Power of Love and Support

Tori’s heartfelt tribute acknowledges the role love and support have played in Finn’s life. She highlights her admiration for his heart and soul, showcasing her belief in his potential to make a difference in the lives of others.

A Parent’s Pride

As a parent, Tori beams with pride when she considers Finn’s accomplishments and the person he is becoming. Her love for him knows no bounds, and his birthday offers a moment to celebrate his growth and potential.

A Message of Encouragement

Tori concludes her tribute by expressing her excitement to witness Finn’s future accomplishments. She assures him that she will be there every step of the way, supporting his dreams and cheering him on.

An Unbreakable Family

Tori and Dean McDermott’s family embodies strength, love, and resilience. The journey they’ve shared as a family has molded them into a tight-knit unit that cherishes each moment together.

Remaining Connected

As Tori celebrates Finn’s birthday, she highlights the importance of staying connected as a family. Through thick and thin, they have stood by one another, providing unwavering love and support.

Creating Lasting Memories

Tori understands the significance of creating lasting memories with her children. Birthdays serve as a reminder to pause, reflect, and cherish the moments that make their family bond unique and beautiful.

A Message to Other Parents

Tori’s tribute serves as a poignant message to other parents, reminding them to appreciate the unique qualities their children possess. It’s a call to celebrate the individual journeys each child embarks upon.

Gratitude for Life’s Blessings

Tori’s tribute is filled with gratitude for the miracles and blessings her family has experienced. Recognizing Finn as a “miracle baby” reinforces the idea of embracing life’s surprises and finding joy in unexpected moments.

The Power of Unconditional Love

Love knows no bounds in Tori and Dean’s family. Their unconditional love for Finn shines through Tori’s tribute, reminding readers of the strength that lies in unwavering support.

Continuing the Journey

Tori’s words plant the seeds of excitement for the next chapter in Finn’s life. The journey continues, and she is eager to witness the incredible accomplishments and growth that lie ahead.

A Beautiful Bond

Tori’s tribute highlights the beautiful bond she shares with Finn and showcases the deep connection they have formed. It’s a testament to the power of love and the strength of a mother’s unwavering support.


Tori Spelling’s tribute to her son Finn on his 11th birthday is a heartfelt expression of love, pride, and gratitude. Through her words, Tori showcases the unique qualities that make Finn a “miracle baby” and celebrates the unbreakable bond they share as mother and son. Her tribute serves as a reminder to cherish and celebrate the milestones and moments that shape our lives.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is Tori Spelling?

Tori Spelling is an actress known for her role in the popular series Beverly Hills 90210. She has also appeared in various other TV shows and films throughout her career.

2. How many children does Tori Spelling have?

Tori Spelling has five children with her husband Dean McDermott. Finn is one of their children, and they have four other children named Liam, Stella, Hattie, and Beau.

3. Why is Finn referred to as a “miracle baby”?

Finn is referred to as a “miracle baby” because his birth was seen as a miracle against all odds. This term celebrates the unique circumstances and challenges surrounding his arrival into the world.

4. How does Tori Spelling celebrate Finn’s 11th birthday in her tribute?

In her tribute, Tori Spelling expresses her pride, love, and admiration for Finn. She highlights his positive qualities and the profound connection they share as mother and son.

5. What message does Tori Spelling convey in her tribute?

Tori Spelling’s tribute serves as a reminder to cherish and celebrate the unique qualities of each child. It emphasizes the power of love, support, and the joy found in unexpected moments.