Tidal’s Game-Changing Offer: 6 Million Hi-Res FLAC Songs Await Your Ears!

Tidal Now Offers Six Million Hi-Res FLAC Songs

Are you a music enthusiast who appreciates the highest quality audio? If so, you’ll be thrilled to learn that Tidal, the popular music streaming service, has made a significant announcement. Starting from June 29th, Tidal is offering its Early Access Program (EAP) members access to six million hi-res FLAC (free lossless Audio Codec) songs. This move aims to provide an enhanced listening experience for users by delivering superior audio quality. Let’s dive deeper into this exciting development!

1. Tidal’s CEO, Jesse Dorogusker, on the New Offering

In a recent Reddit announcement, Jesse Dorogusker, the CEO of Tidal, unveiled the company’s plan to introduce hi-res FLAC tracks. This new format, with a maximum quality of 24bit/192kHz, is part of Tidal’s ongoing efforts to prioritize audio excellence.

2. Early Access Program (EAP) Exclusivity

Initially, Tidal will roll out the hi-res FLAC tracks exclusively to their EAP members. By doing so, they can gather valuable user feedback and make necessary improvements to enhance the overall experience before making it available to a wider audience.

3. Accessibility and Open Source Advocacy

Jesse Dorogusker emphasized Tidal’s commitment to open platforms. The introduction of hi-res FLAC aligns with Tidal’s support for open-source technology, fostering accessibility for both artists and fans. This move empowers artists to thrive in the music industry.

3.1 Audio Quality and Purpose

Dorogusker believes that coupling accessibility with best-in-class audio quality fulfills Tidal’s purpose of creating a thriving marketplace for artists. By offering superior audio, Tidal ensures that artists can deliver their music to fans as intended, maintaining the integrity of their creative vision.

4. Updating Your Tidal App

If you are already an EAP member, accessing the hi-res FLAC tracks is straightforward. Simply update your Tidal app, navigate to the new Audio & Playback menu, and select the “max” quality setting. This setting allows you to enjoy the full benefits of lossless music playback.

5. The Impact on Existing MQA Format

The introduction of hi-res FLAC has generated speculation about the future of MQA (Master Quality Authenticated) on Tidal. While Tidal has not clarified their stance, they assure subscribers that they will continue supporting multiple formats to provide extensive hi-res content.

5.1 Ensuring Best Possible Sound Quality

Although the future of MQA remains uncertain, Tidal’s commitment to delivering the highest sound quality to its subscribers is apparent. The introduction of hi-res FLAC demonstrates their dedication to meeting the expectations of discerning audiophiles.

6. Competition in the Hi-Res Streaming Market

Tidal’s new offering places them in direct competition with other streaming services that already provide hi-res audio options. Apple Music, Qobuz, and Amazon Music have been offering their music catalogs in the lossless format for some time. Spotify, on the other hand, is yet to announce a lossless option, though rumors suggest it may be introduced soon.

6.1 Tidal’s Unique Selling Point

With Tidal’s vast library of six million hi-res FLAC songs, they position themselves as the go-to streaming service for audiophiles seeking unparalleled audio quality. The availability of this extensive catalog distinguishes Tidal from its competitors.

7. The Future of Lossless Streaming

The growing demand for high-quality audio indicates a promising future for lossless streaming. As technology advances and more consumers prioritize exceptional sound experiences, streaming services must adapt to meet these evolving expectations.

7.1 Expanding the Hi-Res Music Collection

Tidal’s new offering is just the beginning. As the demand for hi-res music continues to rise, it’s likely that Tidal will expand their collection even further. Subscribers can look forward to an ever-growing library of lossless tracks.

8. Conclusion

Tidal’s introduction of six million hi-res FLAC songs marks a significant milestone in the world of music streaming. Dedicated audiophiles can now enjoy a vast selection of lossless tracks with exceptional sound quality. This move emphasizes Tidal’s commitment to providing the best possible audio experience for its subscribers.


Q1: How can I become an EAP member on Tidal?

A1: To become an EAP member on Tidal, you need to sign up for their Early Access Program through their official website. Keep an eye out for any membership registration announcements or promotions.

Q2: Can I access the hi-res FLAC tracks on any device?

A2: Yes, Tidal’s hi-res FLAC tracks can be accessed on various devices, including smartphones, tablets, computers, and supported streaming devices. Ensure that you have the latest version of the Tidal app installed on your device.

Q3: Is there an additional cost for accessing the hi-res FLAC tracks on Tidal?

A3: Yes, Tidal offers the hi-res FLAC tracks as part of their premium subscription plan. This plan may come at a slightly higher cost compared to their standard subscription tiers, but it provides access to the enhanced audio quality.

Q4: Can I listen to hi-res FLAC tracks offline on Tidal?

A4: Yes, Tidal allows subscribers to download hi-res FLAC tracks for offline listening. This feature is particularly useful for users who want to enjoy lossless music quality even when not connected to the internet.

Q5: Will Tidal continue to support other audio formats apart from FLAC?

A5: Yes, Tidal is committed to providing diverse audio formats to cater to different user preferences. While introducing hi-res FLAC, Tidal will continue supporting other popular formats to ensure a wide range of music is accessible to all subscribers.