These are the top disruptive technologies that have come up in the Indian Military! Check it out.

Indian military and sovereignty have been under constant threat, ranging from the two emergencies that have been declared by the government in the past to the recent Chinese forceful incursions in the Indian territory, all have caused massive turmoil to the safety and security of the country. The country has done more harm than benefits to India in the past. Pakistan and China have together contributed to the fear in the minds of Indians and the defense organizations of the country after the multiple incursions and the safety threats that have been caused in the recent past to India by them.

With the two attacking countries being nuclear, they have procured weapons that have proved detrimental to the safety of our country and its people. India has realized the need to heavily invest in the defense sector of the country. Ranging from more economic investments to more intelligence inputs, the country is in dire need of the investments to be intangible and non-tangible ways both. 

What will be the needed changes in the defense sector of the country?

The country must heavily invest in the artificial intelligence of the country, the weather tracking systems, and other tracking systems that are needed by the country to get intelligence inputs. After the inputs are available, there is an urgent need for advanced technology that must be introduced to the military which is similar to the Houthi rebels used in the Saudi oil reservoirs bombing. Although a nuclear weapon country, India must invest as per the time’s requirements to procure the needed technologies for the safety of a country. India is flanked with harsh terrain across the borders of the two attacking countries of which monitoring is important which will be done using technological advancements.