Technical acceleration is faster than we think!

Sir Arthur C. Clarke rightly ones said- “Any sufficiently advanced technology is nothing less than magic”. Technology is no less than a dream brought to life in the eyes of an outsider.

When merely decades ago the basic amenity like a mobile phone was an idea never thought of, now it’s the reality of every household over the globe. The 5 MB RAM once weighing more than a baby elephant is now minimized to the size of a pen drive carrying more than 100 GB data in a single go. Nothing stays the same forever,  neither did the technological world. It grew to an even better and bigger reality one could not have dared to imagine.

Technology is nothing less than an evolutionary process. New and better technological advancements are rapidly achieved by working on the shortcomings and using the same technology as a tool. It’s no different from having descendant lineage which keeps on progressing as the time passes by.

The Steve Job creation, the Apple company can be considered as an excellent example to substantiate the glorifying progress technological advancement is capable of, within just a few years. From iPhone 3 to iPhone 11 with high-quality camera and face recognition, history did create an upward slope for technological advancement.

In a world where the means to convey messages long distance was a matter of days, and even months at times, now the black screens light up, literally, just to send a message in a matter of seconds. Technology may be the innovation of the human brain, but it has contributed to creating a world for itself.

From the tip of our pen to the zip of our pant, everything is governed by the technological advancement handwoven by the brilliance of mankind. Technological Advancement is not just an observation, but it’s a rapidly growing fact.