Starfield Graphics Changed in Demo? Find out the Truth Behind the Altered Images Here!

Starfield Graphics Changed in Demo



In the Starfield video game demo, we saw a significant difference between what has been demoed and what was showed during Microsoft’s recent E3 conference. The majority of gamers were excited to get a glimpse of what Bethesda had in store for them with their latest venture, and while some enjoyed it, others lamented the fact that the graphics looked outdated. Developers known to make magic with their visuals, why was the graphics not up to standard?


What Changed?

When the developers unveiled Starfield, a teaser trailer, and a gameplay reveal, we were wowed by the realistic images and graphics showcased. However, the public demo suddenly seemed to miss the mark. According to Bethesda’s Head of Communication, Erin Losi, the company made changes to the game’s graphics before presenting.


Graphical Changes in Video Game Demos Explained

Bethesda has been pretty cagey about the changes they made, but video game demos are designed to convey the best possible presentation of the game. It is often the case that graphics can be downgraded before the release to facilitate the game engine and make it run on consoles or computers that cannot accommodate higher settings. On numerous occasions, developers have later expressed regret over such changes, but these changes are not unique to video gaming.


Is This A Transparent Practice?

It has been suggested that video game publishers have a responsibility for full transparency when they show off demos. However, from a business perspective, video game demonstrators, like car salespeople, often do what they can to present their product in the best way possible. But some think that that they should represent the product honestly, or risk alienating their customer base, particularly when the product will be available to the public in the near future.


Bethesda’s Reputation

Bethesda has had a good reputation for delivering quality visual experiences for their fans, and for that reason, some observers were quick to criticize the quality of the Starfield graphics and even accuse Bethesda of misleading their fans with the demo. Bethesda is known for producing games that push the limits of contemporary hardware, we believe that some cutting-edge features in Starfield may have caused limitations in the demo presentation.



Bethesda’s effort in delivering a game that exceeds expectation can’t be overlooked. However, they should have been more transparent with their fans about the changes to Starfield’s graphics before showing the demo. Game enthusiasts expect a higher degree of visual fidelity, and bright, stunning graphics play a significant role in the video gaming experience. Bethesda’s past reputation for performance suggests that they can surely make it up to fans by delivering a high-quality final product that meets gamer expectations.



Q1: What is Starfield?

A1: Starfield is Bethesda’s upcoming sci-fi open-world role-playing game.

Q2: Why do developers change graphics in video demos?

A2: Graphics can be downgraded before the release to facilitate the game engine and make it run on consoles or computers that cannot accommodate higher settings.

Q3: Was the Starfield graphics downgraded?

A3: Bethesda’s Erin Losi says the developers made alterations to the game’s graphics before presenting the demo, however, they were not specific about the changes made.

Q4: Do video game publishers have a responsibility to be transparent when presenting demos?

A4: Yes, many observers believe video game publishers have an obligation to be more transparent when they show off demos.

Q5: What should gamers expect from Starfield?

A5: Bethesda is known to produce games that push the limits of contemporary hardware. The upcoming Starfield sci-fi game promises to be an open-world role-playing game like none before.