Sony Commits to Multi-Year Deal with Qualcomm, Set to Revolutionize Future Smartphone Industry

Sony To Continue Making Smartphones: Qualcomm Announces Multi-Year Deal

Sony has announced its plans to continue manufacturing and selling smartphones for the coming years. The announcement follows the signing of a multi-year deal with Qualcomm to power Sony’s future smartphones using Snapdragon platforms. The collaboration covers Sony’s premium, high-end, and mid-tier devices, ensuring that Sony will keep making Android smartphones for years to come. This article will discuss everything we know so far about Sony’s deal with Qualcomm and what it means for the future of Sony’s smartphones.

History of Sony’s Mobile Phones

Sony has been a major player in the electronics industry for decades, but the company’s smartphone division has struggled to compete with the likes of Samsung and Apple. While Sony has made some critically acclaimed smartphones in the past, such as the Xperia 1 V, it has failed to capture a significant share of the smartphone market.

The Deal with Qualcomm

Qualcomm has announced that it has signed a multi-year deal with Sony to provide Snapdragon platforms for future Sony smartphones. The collaboration will focus on integrating Qualcomm Technologies’ advanced Snapdragon mobile platforms into Sony’s smartphone lineups. As a result, users can expect enhanced functionality, higher performance, and more immersive experiences from future Sony smartphones. The deal includes premium, high-end, and mid-tier devices but does not cover low-end devices.

Sony Has No Plans to Exit the Smartphone Market

Despite struggling to make an impact on the smartphone market, Sony has expressed its commitment to continue making smartphones for the foreseeable future. The company has no plans to exit the smartphone market, despite the industry’s fierce competition. Instead, Sony hopes that its collaboration with Qualcomm will help to drive the industry forward and keep Sony competitive.

The Future of Sony’s Smartphones

While Sony’s deal with Qualcomm is still in its early stages, there are some indications of what users can expect from Sony’s future smartphones. For example, Sony’s Xperia 1 V smartphone, which was released in 2021, is geared towards photographers and vloggers who need high-quality imaging and video capabilities. Sony is likely to continue focusing on its strengths, such as imaging and video, to stand out in an increasingly crowded market. Meanwhile, the deal with Qualcomm will ensure that Sony’s smartphones offer cutting-edge performance, functionality, and user experiences.

Final Thoughts

Sony’s announcement that it will continue to make smartphones for years to come is good news for fans of the Xperia lineup. Despite facing stiff competition from the likes of Samsung and Apple, Sony’s commitment to the industry and partnership with Qualcomm should help the company remain competitive in the years to come. Users can expect high-quality devices that offer impressive performance, functionality, and innovative features, ensuring that Sony’s smartphones remain a force to be reckoned with in the industry.


1. Will Sony continue to work with Qualcomm after the multi-year deal expires?

Sony has not indicated whether it plans to extend its collaboration with Qualcomm beyond the current multi-year deal.

2. Will Sony produce low-end smartphones in the future?

The multi-year deal between Sony and Qualcomm covers premium, high-end, and mid-tier devices. There is no indication that Sony plans to expand into the low-end smartphone market.

3. What are some of Sony’s strengths in the smartphone market?

Sony is known for its imaging and video capabilities, which have been highlighted in products like the Xperia 1 V smartphone.

4. Will Sony introduce any innovative features in its future smartphones?

While Sony has not announced any specific features yet, the collaboration with Qualcomm should result in cutting-edge performance, functionality, and user experiences.

5. How will Sony stand out in the crowded smartphone market?

Sony is likely to continue focusing on its strengths, such as imaging and video, to differentiate itself from the competition and attract customers.