Six Trending Writing Tools For Students!!

Six Trending Writing Tools For Students!!

The recent research states that an average student writes up to 200 pages per year. There is a wide range of online writing services and applications that can simplify students’ lives and make the writing process enjoyable. There is not only Microsoft Word and Pages available on the market. We prepared a list of trending writing tools that are not only trendy but also guarantee to assist in coping with assignments.



This text application will help to create, edit, and store all your creations in one place. It is perfect for writing essays, novels, notes, publishing articles. The tool synchronizes everything in one place and allows searching for the required document through both the cloud and local folders. You can take notes right inside the document and divide your projects into separate writing sessions. It will not only track the time spent on each task but also organize and switch between various types of activities. Write! also offers a diversity of formatting options as well as a spellchecker, a self-learning auto-complete, and productivity counters. In addition, the tool claims to increase your productivity due to the minimalistic and simple interface and the ability to block the external notifications. The application offers scholarships and discounts for students. Thus, instead of an average price of $25, students can purchase the tool only for $10.

Hemingway App

Hemingway is a web service and application for Windows and OS X that will be useful for everyone who works with text. It helps to find overloaded sentences and reduce them, making it easier for readers to understand. Hemingway determines the complexity of each sentence for the reader and suggests which ones should be simplified. This is done based on the number of words, passive voice frequency, and verbs. The tool offers two modes: writing and editing. In the Write mode, all elements are removed from the screen, so it is very comfortable to write. Once you finish writing, you can switch to Edit mode. It will let you format and find out which sentences are worth cutting. The web version of the service is free, and the text editor for PC and OS X costs $9.99. They are not functionally different, but the web version, of course, does not work without the Internet.


This instrument is a must when analyzing the readability of your texts. It uses special algorithms to evaluate the document and offer improvements. Thus, it also analyzes the quality of the text, including the usage of passive voice, cliches, adverbs, long sentences, complex words, and your tone of voice. In addition, the tool offers a statistic that helps you understand your content better. It is not only excellent for writing essays and academic works but also those students who are involved in copywriting or other content-creating jobs. 

The application costs only $4 per month and has a 7-day free trial period. 


A service with incredible features and several subscription options. You can edit the final version of your text in two clicks: upload the text and click Analyze. The analysis will show you the sentences where you have made mistakes or the phrases that were not quite well-phrased. Moreover, the application will teach you as you write. When it determines an issue, it will offer you a rule that explains everything. The special tools like a thesaurus and word explorer will help you find the right words. The tool has over 25 reports that analyze the style and grammar of your text. There is a free version available where you can work online only and have 19 writing reports per month. The premium and premium plus options cost $70 and $80 per year, respectively. The premium version has no limits, offers integrations, and a desktop version. The plus has the same features and a plagiarism checker. 


BibMe helps students find unintentional plagiarism and add citations to the papers (let’s be honest — we all hate it). It supports APA, MLA, and Chicago styles. Moreover, it assists in finding grammar mistakes. The free version offers only five suggestions on improving your content, including sentence structure, grammar, writing style, and punctuation. Moreover, it does not determine unintentional plagiarism and missing citations. The premium version costs $10 per month with a three-day free trial. 


Grammarly will make your life easier. With one click of a mouse, well, with a few clicks, you can install plugins for both Word and your browser (Chrome, Safari, or Firefox). Moreover, there is a desktop version. Besides showing you the mistakes, Grammarly also explains the reason for why it has marked it as a mistake. This option is particularly useful for students. Your writing may be grammatically flawless, but it’s still not perfect. The free version highlights only spelling and grammatical errors in red. But the paid version gives advice on how to improve the quality of your writing by highlighting frequently used words, jargon, and passive voice. If you choose the annual subscription, you will have to pay $139.95. However, there is a life hack. You can wait for Black Friday and get Grammarly with a 60% discount, which every user gets in a newsletter.