Research: Chances of a human dying due to asteroid collision with Earth is more than the same human dying in a plane crash?

Bryan Walsh is an expert who is one of the former editors for Time Magazine and is also the author of the novel titled “End Times.” The book “End Times” has its primary focus in the existential threats that Earth faces due to the celestial bodies present in space.

Bryan Walsh is indeed an expert, and he has warned that Earth would get hit by the giant asteroid “Apophis.” Bryan Walsh said that the probability of the asteroid hitting the Earth is more than the probability of human death due to a plane crash.

Image: IBT

Bryan Walsh has revealed that Earth is still in danger due to asteroid Apophis, which was initially discovered in the year 2004. Asteroid Apophis has then made headlines with the news reporting reading out the asteroid Apophis has a 2.7% chance of hitting the planet Earth sometime during the year 2029. Upon keenly looking at the matter, NASA has apparently ruled out the collision event that would take place shortly.

However, the rest of the scientists have pointed out that when the asteroid Apophis approaches Earth in 2029, the close approach between the celestial bodies having their own gravitational pull might alter the asteroid’s path.

The scientists are warning us that the asteroid Apophis might get nudged into a path that would lead to a direct collision with Earth in its future approach. A few other scientists have predicted that the collision is likely to take place in April in the year 2068.

According to the recent reports released by NASA, the chances of the asteroid Apophis hitting the Earth is one of 150,000. This figure has led most scientists to believe that the collision is most likely not going to happen.

Bryan Walsh said that the chances of asteroid Apophis hitting the Earth in the next century is nearly equal to 0.00089 percent as per the data collected this year, Bryan Walsh added that this is pretty much greater than the percentage of human death due to a plane crash.

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