Nintendo Switch: Ready to role with DC Universe Online! Everything you need to know!

Popular DC Universe Online(DCUO), the free-to-play multiplayer online (MMO) Super Hero game, is available now on Nintendo Switch.

Exciting Features Of DC Universe Online

Players will be able to involve themselves in the huge scale of DC Universe Online.  With more than 30 spectacular episodes, this game will surely make for a larger than life experience. You can be a part of big open worlds such as Gotham City and Metropolis or beneath the sea in Atlantis. The membership of Nintendo Switch Online is not a restriction to play.

DC Universe Online will be the first MMO game to be set in the classic DC Universe which will be available on Nintendo Switch.

SJ Mueller, Creative Director of DC Universe Online, expressed his excitement about the game. He said that this game is the “ultimate superhero fantasy.” He also shared that you can team up with great heroes like Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, or even The Joker.


DC Universe Online will allow players to create a distinctive, customizable character ranging from heroes like Batman and Superman to villains like The Joker. There is a wide choice of superpowers, movement modes, weapons, and more than 2000 styles. Players fight along with the characters in mesmerizing, physics-based action combat.

Besides, the team of DCUO has worked for the past year in improving the game. This was done to make sure the players have the best MMO experience on Nintendo Switch. The things which were revised include the tutorial, access to the recent event content, new augment and artifact systems, and updated character models.
In addition to that, DCUO has plans to launch Nintendo Switch with a brand-new server.

Two new episodes based on DC’s Dark Nights: Metal comic book series will be released by DCUO. They are called the Metal – Part I and Metal Part II. The first part will release in September 2019, and the finale will be released on December 2019.