New Discovery: Scientists discover a blackhole gobbling a neutron star!!!

Black holes remain the most puzzling topic in the universe. Scientists and researchers are constantly trying their best to solve this theory. Black holes are also a region in the universe that has a high gravitational force. The gravitational pull is to such an extent that even light is unable to escape through it. Black holes are nothing but a combination of dead stars that have lost their ability to glow and produce heat.

Scientists may have found evidence of black hole:

On August 14, cosmic detectors in the US and Italy have detected something which the scientists believe is a black hole-neutron star merger. LIGO and Virgo are the two Gravitational-wave detectors that are solely created for these discoveries.

This event also occurred 5,312 million trillion kilometers from the Earth. Professor Susan Scott, an Australian National University prefessor, said that over 900 million years ago this Blackhole swallowed a neutron star. She also said that there also could be possibilities of a large black hole swallowing a small one. There hasn’t been a visual confirmation yet.

Discoveries in this decade:

Scientists say that this event could be a huge leap for mankind. This decade is home to many of the unseen discoveries. Gravitational waves and neutron star collisions are some of the many discoveries. In late 2018, a telescope also released an image showing a black hole that unraveled the most mysterious event in the universe. If the discovery of the black hole gobbling a neutron star is confirmed, then it would be a huge boost up for the researchers and scientists around the world.