Missing iOS 17 Features at Launch: What Apple Doesn’t Want You to Know!

Missing iOS 17 Features at Launch

As the highly anticipated iOS 17 approaches its launch, users are eager to know what exciting features and enhancements Apple has in store. However, a recent leak has revealed that iOS 17 might be missing some key features at its initial release. Let’s take a closer look at what features might be absent and how it might impact users’ experience.

1. Introduction

iOS 17 is on the horizon, and users are excited about the potential enhancements and new features that Apple’s latest operating system might bring. However, it seems that the initial rollout might not include all the speculated features.

2. A Disappointing Discovery

The leaked information suggests that certain highly anticipated features might not be available in the initial release of iOS 17. This revelation has left users wondering about the reasons behind these omissions and how it could impact their user experience.

2.1 Missing Feature 1: Split-Screen Multitasking

One of the standout features missing from iOS 17 is split-screen multitasking. This much-requested functionality would allow users to run two apps simultaneously, increasing productivity and convenience. Its absence might leave power users disappointed and looking for alternative solutions.

2.1.1 Impact on Productivity

Without split-screen multitasking, users will have to switch back and forth between apps, disrupting workflow and reducing efficiency. This could be particularly frustrating for those who rely on multitasking for work or creative endeavors.

2.2 Missing Feature 2: Enhanced Widgets

iOS 14 introduced widgets to the home screen, and users were excited for further improvements in iOS 17. Unfortunately, the leaked information suggests that there won’t be any significant enhancements to widgets in the initial release.

2.2.1 Limited Customization Options

Users who were hoping for more customization options and resizable widgets might be disappointed by this omission. The lack of expanded widget capabilities might hinder users’ ability to personalize their home screens to their full potential.

2.3 Missing Feature 3: Always-On Display

One of the highly anticipated features rumored for iOS 17 was the introduction of an always-on display. This feature would allow users to glance at their devices and view important information without fully unlocking the screen. However, it appears that this feature won’t be available at launch.

2.3.1 The Convenience of Glanceable Information

An always-on display provides users with quick access to essential information, such as the time, notifications, and upcoming events, without the need to interact with their devices fully. Its absence might be disappointing for those accustomed to this convenience on other smartphones.

3. Apple’s Perspective

While the absence of these features might disappoint users, it’s important to understand Apple’s perspective. The decision to omit certain features could be due to various factors, such as technical challenges, prioritization, or wanting to refine and perfect these features before releasing them.

4. Workarounds and Alternative Solutions

Although these missing features might dampen users’ excitement, there are potential workarounds and alternative solutions available to mitigate their absence. Third-party apps and tweaks can provide partial substitutes for split-screen multitasking or enhanced widgets, ensuring users can still enhance their productivity and personalization to some extent.

5. The Future of Missing Features

Users should not lose hope for the inclusion of these missing features in future updates. Apple has a track record of listening to user feedback and implementing requested features in subsequent iOS releases. While it may take some time, it’s possible that users may enjoy these anticipated features in a future iteration of iOS.


As iOS 17 approaches its launch, the discovery of missing features might disappoint some users who were looking forward to split-screen multitasking, enhanced widgets, and an always-on display. However, understanding Apple’s perspective and exploring alternative solutions can help minimize the impact of these omissions. Users can still look forward to future updates where these missing features may find their place in iOS.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Will split-screen multitasking ever be added to iOS 17?While it won’t be available at launch, Apple may consider adding split-screen multitasking in future iOS updates based on user feedback and demands.
2. Can I customize the existing widgets in iOS 17?While iOS 17 might not offer significant enhancements to widgets, you can still customize the existing options to some extent by resizing and rearranging them on your home screen.
3. Is there any workaround to have an always-on display on iOS 17?Unfortunately, an always-on display won’t be available in iOS 17, but you can still check for important notifications by enabling “Raise to Wake” or using the “Tap to Wake” feature.
4. Are there any third-party apps that provide split-screen multitasking on iOS?Yes, there are third-party apps available on the App Store that can help you achieve a form of split-screen multitasking on iOS devices.
5. Can I expect enhanced widgets in future iOS updates?Apple has a history of refining and expanding features based on user feedback, so it’s possible that enhanced widgets will be included in future iOS updates.