Iphone 12: Camera features, Design, Expected price and Release Date

Why is the iPhone 12 needed for Apple to change things? The iPhone 11 series focuses on camera tweaks and adds a little more power, but at best, they are modest improvements.

Apple’s first smartphone to support 5G networking is possibly the iPhone 12. Some sources point to a brand new iPhone 12 that eliminates the identifying characteristic of the iPhone by adding a touch recognition characteristic on the phone. And some models may even display a new form of camera.

Later this year, the iPhone 12 is scheduled to arrive, which may end up being a big upgrade to the smartphone of Apple. In terms of updating the iPhone 11 lineup over 2018, the 2020 line sounds like a great opportunity for an upturn.

The next iPhone launch still has many months, and many things can change — particularly the day the phones are launched. However, here is what we know of the iPhone 12 so far.

Release Date and Price

There’s no solid information yet about the iPhone 12 release date, but we know when this information will appear. Almost metronomically, Apple launches its latest phones, and while a rumor varies every year, it still has a similar date.

September 2020 is the possible next iPhone release date. The development of the iPhone 12 was delayed by approximately one month due to the coronavirus effect.

When it comes to the quality of the iPhone 12, it is possibly mostly in line with the existing ones. The iPhone 11 starts for $699/€729/$1,199 for a reference period. It begins with an iPhone 11 Pro at $1999/$1,049/$1,749 and ends with an iPhone 11 Pro Max at $2,099/$1,149/AUD1,899 for the reference period.

At the bottom of the line, though, things are somewhat different, with the most direct iPhone 11 (the 6.1-inch iPhone 12) beginning obviously at $749-or 50 dollars more than the iPhone 11. However, then a new 5.4 “iPhone 12 is said to begin at $649, $50 less than the iPhone 11.


The iPhone 12 can be angular, like the iPhone 5, with a big design leak, and if real, this new appearance can be very split. It looks more like the iPad Pro models, on the one hand, so professional and smart, but it’s probably hard to carry too.

According to analyzers, one of the upcoming iPhones that skip an entrance, and then the front-facing camera will be inserted. If that is the case, we would consider it to be the most expensive iPhone 12 edition, maybe the iPhone 12 Pro Max, or whatever.

Nonetheless, the first design leak suggests that the telephone would have a smaller leak. He has the iPhone 12 Pro edition, adding a flying time sensor, installing a zoom lens on the price, and 5 G series support as well as upgrading to USB-C finally. Not only is it the camera built into the device, but Apple is also known to have an in-screen fingerprint scanner in its next phones.

Apparently, iPhone 12 will stay at 6.1 inches, but updated to OLED from LCD. The iPhone 12 Pro is a 5.4-inch screen. The two Pro versions will also use an OLED type, which is both smaller than the screens used in the iPhone 11 Pro series, but also cheaper to manufacture. That may mean lower rates, but we’re not counting on that.


The iPhone 12 could also be upgraded by a smartphone that is rumored to have a laser-driven 3D sensor. This is on the back, and while only a rumor mentions lasers, another speaks of a snapper sensing depth, while one mentions sensing 3D, so this may be something we see in some form.

We saw a leaked drawing of four rear lenses in the iPhone 12 Pro now as well. This sketch is supposed to come from an iOS 14 build and is sponsored by several sources. The leak also indicates that the phone will have several night mode lenses, and a macro mode is available to the ultra-large snapper.