iOS 17 iMessage Changes Negative: Why Users Are Complaining (And What Apple Can Do)

iOS 17 iMessage Changes Negative – A Deep Dive into What’s New

Apple’s latest mobile operating system, iOS 17, comes bundled with many welcome changes. However, user feedback has been mixed on the new iMessage features. In this article, we will explore in-depth why the changes to iMessage in iOS 17 have generated such negativity among users.

General Overview

iOS 17 iMessage Changes Negative: Why Users Are Complaining (And What Apple Can Do) 7

Before delving into details about the iMessage update, let’s take a general look at iOS 17. The latest operating system from Apple has brought subtle, yet significant improvements to existing features. Some of these changes include:

New Widgets

A revamped widget interface is probably one of the most significant changes in iOS 17. Widgets are now more prominent and interactive. They’re also more customizable and can be inserted on any home screen page.

Notification Upgrades

Notifications have been moved to a new menu in iOS 17 and are now much easier to manage. Users can customize which notifications and alerts show up, and where and when they appear. This feature makes it easy for users to stay up-to-date on everything that matters.

Focus Mode

Focus mode is another upgrade that iOS 17 brings to the table. It is a more powerful and granular version of the Do Not Disturb feature. Users can customize the mode according to their needs to block specific notifications and apps.

iMessage Changes

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A New Look

The most apparent change that users encountered when they updated to iOS 17 was the redesigned iMessage interface. The new look is more stripped-down, with less visual clutter. The text bubbles are now more emphasized, and the icons have been removed from the chat list.

A Disruptive Notification Mechanism

In iOS 17, notifications from iMessage appear more prominently at the top of the lock screen, over other notifications. This design choice has proven to be a significant source of frustration for some users. It’s easy to miss notifications from other apps buried beneath the new iMessage alerts.

Text Display Changes

iMessage in iOS 17 has changed the way it displays text. The default text size is now smaller, and the app uses a new font. This significant visual overhaul to iMessage has proved to be a sticking point for many users who find the new font challenging to read, especially in bright light.

No More Bubble Animations

The bubble animations that came with the iMessage app in prior iOS, which enhanced the chat experience, are no longer available in iOS 17. This omission has irritated users who enjoyed the animations and miss them in the new interface.


iOS 17 has been a generally welcome update to the Apple ecosystem. The small upgrades are mostly positive and offer users a better experience. Unfortunately, the changes to iMessage in iOS 17 have generated mostly negative user feedback, with the most significant uproar surrounding the notification display. However, the overall reaction to the update is mixed, with some users enjoying the new look and features.


iOS 17 iMessage Changes Negative: Why Users Are Complaining (And What Apple Can Do) 9

1. Can I revert to the previous version of iMessage?

Unfortunately, reverting to a prior version of iMessage is not possible. It is recommended that users use iOS 17 for a while to get a feel for the changes and provide feedback to Apple.

2. Is it possible to customize the iMessage interface in iOS 17?

While it’s not possible to customize iMessage in the way that users might desire, there are still some settings that can be adjusted to make the app more comfortable to use. For example, users can enlarge the text size, reduce the app’s brightness, or change their iPhone’s screen settings.

3. How has the response from critics and tech experts been on iOS 17’s iMessage roll-out been?

The response from critics and tech experts has been mixed, with some praising the new design and others criticizing its functionality or missing features. However, most experts agree that the changes iMessage received in iOS 17 represent a step back in terms of ease-of-use and functionality.

4. Do notification changes affect other iMessage functions in iOS 17?

No, the changes in notification delivery in iMessage in iOS 17 do not affect the app’s other functions. The changes purely affect the way notifications are delivered to the user, rather than the app’s features or performance.

5. Will there be further updates to iMessage in iOS 17 that could improve the experience?

It’s possible that Apple will release patches or updates to the iMessage functionality in iOS 17 to address user complaints and negative feedback. However, whether or not these changes will address all user concerns remains to be seen.