Important FF16 Side Quests Listed: Discover the Top Quests & Rewards to Boost Your Game!

Important FF16 Side Quests Listed: Get the Full Breakdown Here

Final Fantasy XVI (FF16) is a game that boasts 76 different side quests, all of which offer unique rewards, difficult challenges, and helpful items that can make your journey through the game’s world a little easier. But with that many side quests, it can sometimes be overwhelming to know where to start, what rewards to prioritize, and how to keep track of everything.

That’s why we’ve put together this comprehensive guide on important FF16 Side Quests. In this article, we break down all 76 side quests by region, including all the rewards you can expect to earn, as well as tips on how to find and track all of them.

All Side Quests and Their Rewards

Important FF16 Side Quests Listed: Discover the Top Quests & Rewards to Boost Your Game! 11

First and foremost, let’s give you a quick overview of all the side quests and rewards available within FF16. In this section, we introduce all side quests and summarize all their rewards. You should use this section to plan out which quests you want to tackle first by prioritizing the rewards you need.

All Hideaway Side Quests

Within this region, players can complete side quests by talking with various NPCs. Side quests within this region will be key in acquiring items to aid your journey. As such, we’ll outline all sub-quests here, including their requirements and rewards.

All Grand Duchy of Rosaria Side Quests

Next up, we look at the Grand Duchy of Rosaria and the various enemies and sub-quests encountered throughout this territory. In this section, we will describe how to find each sub-quest, as well as detail its respective rewards.

All Holy Empire of Sanbreque Side Quests

This region features a bunch of recurring characters, as well as many towns and cities to explore. Players will have to acquire a bunch of items throughout this state, which can be found in the form of side quests. As usual, we’ll provide all necessary information about what to expect for all sub-quests.

All Dhalmekian Republic Side Quests

The Dhalmekian Republic is a western territory filled with treasure and sub-quests meant to test your skills. We will go over how to find all of them, as well as how to complete each one to receive their respective bonuses.

All Kingdom of Waloed Side Quests

This is a final region that players will encounter and features some challenging sub-quests that offer great rewards upon completion. We’ll describe each of these quests and give a brief overview of their rewards so that players can determine if they’re worth the effort.

Recommended Side Quests

Important FF16 Side Quests Listed: Discover the Top Quests & Rewards to Boost Your Game! 12

Now that we’ve outlined each of the 76 side quests that exist within FF16, we can dive into what we recommend as the best ones to tackle. While each sub-quest offers unique rewards, there are some that are more valuable than others in terms of loot and experience gain. In this section, we’ll lay out what we think are the best side quests to pursue.

Side Quests with Useful Rewards

Side quests that offer unique rewards can be a great way to give your character an upper hand in battle and make your journey easier overall. This section will break down which side quests provide the best and most useful rewards for the player.

Best Side Quests to Do

This section provides a ranked list of the 10 best side quests in the game. These are quests players shouldn’t miss or skip if they want to make the most of their journey through FF16. These quests offer the greatest rewards and are typically more complex than the rest of the side quests in the game.

How to Find Side Quests

Important FF16 Side Quests Listed: Discover the Top Quests & Rewards to Boost Your Game! 13

Locating each side quest throughout the game can be a challenging task. Each quest requires you to speak with different NPCs and can be located in different regions of the world map. In this section, we’ll go over how to best locate each sub-quest to streamline your gaming experience.

Locate Characters with Green Exclamation Marker

To start a side quest, players must find NPCs that have a green exclamation marker above their head. This section will explain what this means and how to best approach these NPCs to start a quest.

How to Track Side Quests

Keeping track of all the quests you’re working on can be overwhelming as new ones continuously pop up. This section will explain two methods to monitor your ongoing side quests as you progress throughout the game.


Important FF16 Side Quests Listed: Discover the Top Quests & Rewards to Boost Your Game! 14

1. Can you complete side quests after finishing the main story?

Yes, players can complete any ongoing side quests up to the game’s final battle. As such, it’s recommended to prioritize quests with immediate benefits through the story’s progression.

2. Do you have to complete all side quests to beat the game?

No, completing every side quest is not necessary to beat the game, but they do offer many benefits such as extra rewards, EXP and more in-depth knowledge of the FF16 world.

3. Can you fail Side Quests?

Some Side Quests can be failed if not completed within a specific time frame, location, or conditions. The game will inform you if any quests are close to expiring, so keep an eye out for these warnings as you progress.

4. Can you replay Side Quests

Once a side quest is completed, you cannot replay it. Therefore it’s important to strategize which quests to complete or keep on hold until you acquire certain skills, items, and weapons to make through them.

5. Which is the Hardest Side Quest in FF16?

The ‘For the Dolemite Expedition’ Side Quest is the most difficult of all the side quests featured in FF16. This survey will challenge your battle abilities, causing you to push your limits. You must be at a sufficient level and have acquired the right equipment to complete this Quest.


Important FF16 Side Quests Listed: Discover the Top Quests & Rewards to Boost Your Game! 15

Overall, with so many Side Quests to take on in FF16, we hope this guide has provided you with all the tips, tricks, and information you need to conquer the game’s array of side challenges. Remember to keep updating your quest map and inventory throughout the game, so you never miss out on the exciting bounties that FF16 has to offer.