IISC Banglore recently launched “The most wanted course of all time”! Check out for all details here.

The pandemic has brought a lot of changes in our lives. One of the biggest change is that the students have to shift towards online education. While some are facing problems in studying online we cannot deny the fact that it is a great opportunity for us to consume the time in learning some constructive things and adding some cherries to the cake names CV.

The renowned college, IISc Banglore has launched an online advanced computational data science program. This program is really helpful for today’s students. Keep reading to know all the details about it.

Indian Institute of Science, Banglore has announced that it is going to start an online course of computational data science. The duration of this whole course will be 10 months. So be prepared to learn and complete all your works by January 2021 because it’s the time when this course will get launched. And since it is a 10 months course, it’ll end in October 2021.

The program is an advanced executive program is one for students learning data science, data analysis, data architecture and data engineering. While there are also some limitations to who can be a part of this ten months long course. Students who want to enrol themselves for the course must have a bachelor degree in the field of science. In addition, they should also have at least one year of experience.

As soon as the news got announced by the Institute it got viral. This is a wonderful opportunity for those interested in data science. Moreover, the session is gonna be fun because it’s an interactive one. People from all around the world can join it only if they fit in the eligibility criteria.