Google May Remove Swiping Volume Gestures From Pixel Buds A!

Google is dealing with another pair of truly wireless (TWS) earbuds, apparently called Pixel Buds A. The wearable has been springing up in leaks habitually as of late, remembering for a potential unintentional leak from the actual organization. Presently, the most recent data about the new Pixel Buds is that they may not feature swiping gestures for volume control, a marked feature of the series. The proof comes from an APK teardown of the most recent version of the Google Pixel Buds application.

Pixel Buds A may lack swiping volume control gestures

The Google Pixel Buds application got an update to version 1.0.367372739 recently. As they will in general do frequently, the people over at 9to6Google played out a teardown of the most recent APK. While there weren’t any recognizable changes for current the Pixel Buds inside the new APK, they found some fascinating insights concerning the forthcoming Pixel Buds A. Google is clearly alluding to the new buds as “type_two” in the APK, with a year ago’s models alluded to as “type_one”. While there were no express signs of this, the “type_two” buds apparently come up short on a charging pointer inside the case. In the event that you review, the new incidental (or not?) leak by Google showed that the Pixel Buds A doesn’t have an inside charging marker. This pretty much affirmed that the “type_two” buds are in all honesty the forthcoming Pixel Buds A.

pixel buds a

A more profound burrowing inside the APK document uncovered further intriguing data. As indicated by the report, code identified with “swipe_forward” and “swipe_backward” is absent from the “type_two” document. This recommends that the Pixel Buds A may not feature swiping gestures for adjusting volume. The capacity to swipe forward or in reverse to adjust volume has been one of the mark features of Google’s Pixel Buds arrangement. The feature existed since the first 2017 Pixel Buds. Notwithstanding, for reasons most popular to Google, it appears to have eliminated that capacity from its cutting-edge TWS contributions.

It’s indistinct whether Google intends to add an alternate gesture for adjust volume on its forthcoming Pixel Buds. Maybe, the organization will completely eliminate actual volume controls from the new wearable as an expense-cutting measure.

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