Google Chrome is getting a brand new update with much better security! Here is what you need to know.

Hacking and changing the password of social media sites of people is not a tough task in the 21st century as with the advancement in technology, it has become comparatively easier to get information of any user and to use the same for several purposes and misuse the same, it is not tough to get someone’s details and then use it elsewhere if cautionary steps are not taken by the site, these days more often than one is reading the details of anything on their favored site, will they see the option where their details can be taken by the computer and used as cookies for further use by the site or the developers of the site.

Chrome is the place where most of the browsing takes place and it is not tough to get over the hacking once the information of use gets leaked using unfair means.

What are the steps taken by the site to improve security?

As seen as a common practice, there were several times when if someone had logged in from another device than an individual would use their social media site, the computer would serve a notice which was an alarm for the user to know that there were multiple logins to the social media which would come along with the option of restoring and changing the password of the site, now that will be removed.

Users can also have access to another browsing area where everything that the search will remain safe and won’t reach others even if they try to. The option to a safe window will be accessible from the privacy and settings option on the top right corner of the app. This is one example of such steps taken by the site, there will be many in the future.