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Facebook employee has committed suicide at the Menlo park headquarters and the reason is unknown

Image: The Epoch Times

An employee working in the company of Facebook has committed suicide on Thursday morning on the grounds of Menlo Park, the police of reported and similarly the company has confirmed so.

A Facebook spokesperson has emailed the TechCrunch that they were very saddened on learning about the death of one of their employees at the company’s Menlo Park headquarters earlier that day.

The employee, male, was announced dead at the scene which is situated near to the 100 blocks of Jefferson Drive in one of the buildings on Facebook’s Menlo Park Campus. The police have reportedly said that they sensed or suspected no foul play after the preliminary investigations about the scene.

In a police press that was released a few hours after the incident read that the Menlo Park Fire Protection District personnel and the Menlo Park Police Officers have responded as soon as they have gotten the news and the press report added that both the teams have found the victim unresponsive when they have arrived at the scene. The male victim was found around 11: 30 A. M. unresponsive.

The Facebook spokesperson has further noted that they currently are not well acquainted with information about what has led their employees to take such a drastic decision. The spokesperson then went on to add that they are giving their full cooperation to the police in their investigation and that they are giving some moral support to their employees.

The male employee’s family was notified about the incident, and the company has revealed that they would update the news when they come across some useful information through law enforcement and from the police.

The male employee was a software engineer at Facebook working full-time.