Do monster penguin still exists? Check out what Scientists have to say about that!!

Penguins are aquatic, flightless birds. They are found exclusively in Southern Hemisphere. Monsters penguin or Giant Penguin are believed to have occurred 35 million years ago. Only a few species of penguin have lived so far. This is possible because of Antarctica’s cold water. The major population of penguins is found in Angola, Antartica, Argentina, Australia, South Africa, and New Zealand.

Scientists claim that they have found fossilized bones of Monster Penguin. The bones were about the size of human bones. It is believed that it was around 1.6 meters tall. This discovery has been noticed because it is similar to the giant penguins. In the process of Evolution, there are so many species which has extinct. It is about the survival of the fittest.
All those species who have survived, have been through the test taken by nature. There are so many species which have extinct like dinosaurs. The penguin’s bones found are almost double in weight than of a normal penguin. Fee species of penguin extinct because they could not survive the environment change.
The whole earth has been through so many changes. The current environment is totally different than what it was 500 million years ago. All these have happened in a systematic way. Gradually, the earth’s temperature lowered, and organisms started growing. This organism went through the process of evolution. Today’s human being, Homo sapiens have gone through an evolution.
In the future as well, we would go through evolution. Evolution is an inevitable process. Scientists are working on the bones of the monster penguins. They say it once swam New Zealand oceans, some 60 million years ago. After research, scientist realized that the species was different. The research is going on. After the research is over, only then it is possible to figure out what is the approximate age of that bone.

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