Blizzard Games Offline After DDoS Attack: Personal Data Stolen : Is Your Personal Data Safe?

Blizzard Games Offline After DDoS Attack: Personal Data of Employees Stolen

Blizzard has once again been hit by a DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack, which left gamers of Overwatch, World of Warcraft, and other games locked out. The weekend attack followed similar strikes to Blizzard’s systems in the past week. There is no evidence confirming rumours that Lizard Squad, a notorious hacker group, was behind the attack, which came with an added blow of stolen personal data from Blizzard employees.

Blizzard hit with crippling DDoS attack

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Blizzard is one of the world’s most prominent and widely played game developers around, but it often finds itself in the crosshairs of hackers. Blizzard’s games have frequently been hit with DDoS attacks over the years, which have led to outages and frustrated gamers. This latest strike comes just a week after another DDoS attack.

Blizzard reports DDoS attack over weekend

Several of Blizzard’s most popular titles were unavailable over the weekend after a major DDoS attack against the company’s servers. Users of games such as Overwatch, World of Warcraft, and other popular contenders found themselves unable to access the services

Lingering connection issues continue

Despite the attack having ceased, players of Blizzard games are still experiencing issues with their connections and features within games. Players are taking to Twitter to voice their frustrations due to either latency and connection problems or feature unavailabilities within some games.

Blizzard acknowledges attack on Twitter

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Blizzard acknowledged the issue on Twitter, stating: “We’re currently investigating an issue affecting our authentication servers, which may result in failed or slow login attempts.” According to third-party service Down Detector, Blizzard experienced a sharp increase in network problems mid-day Sunday with users reporting an inability to log into games, server connection problems, and some reporting the Blizzard Entertainment webpage appearing to be down.

Attractive target for DDoS offenders

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According to Igal Zeifman, a senior manager at security firm Imperva, “competitive online games are an attractive target for DDoS offenders looking to create large-scale mayhem in hopes of gaining some internet notoriety.” He continued by saying that the high-profile nature of real-time gaming networks makes them an attractive target for hackers.

Real-time gaming networks disrupted by failure

A real-time online game only requires a small amount of latency to cause major disruption to the gaming experience, making them an attractive target for DDoS attacks. Even a technically failed attack is usually enough to cause significant disruption to those looking for a completely responsive and immersive experience.

Lizard Squad might have similar motives to previous attacks

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Igal Zeifman believes that it’s possible the hackers had similar motives to Lizard Squad, which led a 2014 DDoS attack against the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live. Soon after gaining notoriety for that attack, Lizard Squad advertised a DDoS attack tool that cost $6 a month.

Attacks motivated by more than just notoriety

He pointed out that while notoriety is the typical motivating factor behind the attacks, other factors such as users with a beef against the game or hackers simply trying to impress somebody or a group could also factor in.

Personal information from Blizzard employee stolen

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Lizard Squad also claimed to have stolen personal information from Blizzard employees, specifically an Outlook account that led to personal information and contact lists for other Blizzard employees being spread across the internet. This is a large blow to Blizzard, and while the company tries to get gamers back online, it will simultaneously attempt to secure its internal systems.

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Blizzard once again finds itself in the crosshairs of hackers with a DDoS attack leading to problems for many gamers. While this means missed playing time, the larger concern is the theft of employee personal information. Thankfully Wintoys provides upper-level system management and added customization options for Windows users, allowing users more control and access to features that are generally less accessible–which is a must these days.


1. What is a DDoS attack?

A Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack is a type of cyber-attack created to cause internet users to be unable to access or use a particular website. Here, the hackers overwhelm the targeted website servers with massive traffic from a network of infected computers called botnets until the targeted website shuts down.

2. What can I do about DDoS attacks?

The best way to protect your online assets from DDoS attacks is to fortify your network, filter unwanted incoming traffic, and have a plan of action in place to mitigate an attack. Also, having updated antivirus software can also help avoid infection.

3. How can I protect my personal information from hackers?

As a user, some ways to protect your personal information from hackers are creating strong passwords and regularly changing them, being cautious about phishing emails and suspicious attachments or links, avoiding public Wi-Fi when performing sensitive tasks, and keeping all apps and security software up to date.

4. Can Wintoys be used on all Windows versions?

Wintoys is a must-have application for Windows users that makes dealing with system issues easier. The application works on all versions of Windows, whether it’s Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10.

5. Is Wintoys a free application?

Yes, Wintoys is a free application and provides quick and easy access to essential system functions and hidden features that are usually less accessible.