Apple Ruins Vision Pro VR: Has Mixed Reality Technology Gone Too Far?

Apple Ruins Vision Pro VR: Mixed Reality Meets Cyborg

Apple has recently launched a new technology that could change the future of personal computers. The Apple Vision Pro is a headset that will allow people to interact with programs in 3-D space. It follows in the footsteps of numerous virtual reality headsets before it, but with a twist that Apple calls “mixed reality”.

What is the Apple Vision Pro?

The Apple Vision Pro is a headset with numerous features, including:

  • A screen that fully encloses you in a virtual environment
  • Cameras that pick up the outside world
  • A screen facing outward that displays your eyes and your surroundings
  • Full immersion
  • Recording capability

The Disquietingly Cyborg Look

While the technology is impressive, the look of the Vision Pro is a little disconcerting. The screen eyes on the outside are a surprisingly cyborg-like addition. However, the upside of the outward-facing screen is that it allows you to exist both in digital space and outside of it simultaneously.

The Attempt to Bridge the Gap Between Real and Digital Life

Apple seems to be trying to bridge the gap between real-life interactions and digital networks in a positive way. The Vision Pro allows users to record “spatial video” and interact with digital objects in the room while remaining present enough to engage with family members and friends.

The Tightrope Walk

Apple has a tightrope to walk in promoting this new technology. They want users to find it cool, but they also don’t want users to be seen as the nerds lost in the Metaverse. It’s a delicate balance that could prove difficult, as the device is not cheap – it retails for $3,499.

The History of Digital Technology at the Dinner Table

This isn’t the first time that digital technology has caused a divide at the dinner table. When smartphones first came out, people were worried about their presence being a distraction. The same sentiment appeared later with the rise of social media at the table. Apple has tried to bridge that gap with devices like the Apple Watch and Screen Time features on the iPhone and iPad.

The Future of Mixed Reality

The Apple Vision Pro follows in the footsteps of other mixed-reality technology, such as the Quest headset by Meta, Facebook’s parent company. It’s still early days for mixed reality, but it will be interesting to see how it develops in the future.

The Downsides of the Apple Vision Pro

The Apple Vision Pro isn’t cheap – it retails for $3,499, putting it out of reach for many consumers. Additionally, the cyborg-like appearance of the user could detract some buyers from purchasing the device.


The Apple Vision Pro is a fascinating new technology that could change the way we interact with programs and devices in the future. While it’s still early days for mixed reality technology, it’s exciting to see the possibilities of this technology.


1. Is the Apple Vision Pro affordable?

No, it is not affordable for many consumers. It retails for $3,499

2. Is the outward-facing screen useful?

Yes, it allows users to exist both in digital space and outside of it simultaneously.

3. Is the cyborg-like appearance a downside to the Apple Vision Pro?

It could be a downside for some buyers.

4. Are there other mixed reality technologies available?

Yes, the Quest headset by Meta is another option.

5. Will mixed reality technology develop in the future?

It’s still in its early days, but the possibilities are exciting.